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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Date of calender is just a number to me.

I just called my mom on 25/9/2010, she feel kind of surprise why i will call her on 7pm cos they are still in a Saturday sunset mass..

My mom return call at 8pm,
I: daddy's birthday isn't 23rd of Sept
Mom: yes.
I: that mean i missed the birthday wishes again.
Mom: yeah, i guarantee u will forget so i ask daddy isnt only ivan dint call u on the birthday
Daddy: yes, but its alright..
Mom: ivan will only remember after passed 3 or 4 days from the birthday.

I don't know why i cannot remember peoples birthday, i think have to save it to my cellphone calender, last week my sister birthday i also almost forget, luckily ken check facebook while we having late dinner, then my sister asked y u are the latest? actually is i have forgotten as well HAHAHA.

Last year December even more terrible. i think my mom birthday is on 8th Dec, then i cant remember is 8th of 18th Dec, then 8th is over, my mom ask me randomly:

Mom: when is my birthday
I: Er should be 18th, it is next week, still got few more days to go.
Mom: ok. so u celebrate my birthday with me on 18th..
I: no problem

Actually the birthday is already over.
They really got the greatest son on the earth.

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