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Thursday, September 30, 2010

1 of a Long Time No See friend

Last Wednesday i was thinking to have a hair cut, because i have been 2 months didn't cut my hair but i still got wash it daily with rejoice because i want to rejoice.

Suddenly i thought of my college friend who worked as hair stylist for 6 years, the reason i will think of him is because i met him accidentally in Subang USJ Taipan; so i think it is time to give a try on my friend talent + skill.

So today is another Wednesday, finally he got the time to come over my house because he only got a day off for a week, once he enter my house my snoop dogg barks at him because thats my dog's job, when he cutting my hair i dont have mirror to see myself, the only thing can do is leave the head to him, while he's cutting we have some chit chat with hakka dialect, reason is: he is a sabahan who came from Sandakan.

I haven't met him for 3/4 years, this friend remind me the 1st year of my college time, he only studied of the 1st year then he left us to do a hair stylist. last time we were quite good friends, u know what? bird together frog together, we were dump shit HAHAHAHAHA, he is not a funny guy but he had brought me a lot of crazy laughters, we are a group of 3 but we go solo now.

After done my hair we went out to have a tea ice drink outside my house, what I found is my friend has changed, last time drive kancil but now drive TRD VIOS, he decided to get marry next year on Nov 2011, last time my friend got a lot of hatred which u cannot comment or advice on him, he will mad at u if u say about him, can say he is a bit immature when he was in the college. He says he used to call me out with him on Saturday but i turned him down because i want to find Chivas, did I? I don't really remember. He told me he has been reading holy bible lately which is quite a surprise to me & i don't remember he's a christian, what he said is almost same like my mom, be a good man, work hard & dont be calculative, whatever good things u do will be recorded on sky above, dont over expecting people to reward u back, thats the way u will feel more relief. (thats what he told me)

The saying is good, i quite agree as well. I used to watched a movie "Constantine" by Keanu Reeves, the movie got the value i like, it is do all the good things before u leave.......


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