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Friday, September 24, 2010


I have watched this "Notorious" movie story about the B.I.G rapper, i have just watched last night on Astro HBO, know this is not a new movie, but is consider very new to me because i still havent watch Transformer & Avatar. hahahahahha

i dint expect this is a interesting movie but i was wrong, this is 4 thumbs up. In this movie u dont expect got handsome Leonardo, Ashton kuthcer or Katy perry. The whole movie is black, all the black nigga, i also donno y i can sit there to watch for 2 hours, there must be something in it.

This movie is about B.I.G, his real name is christopher, his mom called him Christopher pool cos in his mom's heart he always a small beloved kid.

B.I.G's life is quite a mess when he was a teenage boy, sell drugs just because of wanting fast money, but he had make it big b4 he die, he also realized the importance of family value. His rap is for us to remember, we still listen some of his rap music on the radio sometimes.

B.I.G's friend always ask him to change the world, but he always reply: thats no need to change the world, the only thing u can do is change yourself.
(the only man can change the world is Eric Clapton, cos he sang it to us)

What i like about this Movie is the Moral value they put in & the feeling it gave me is very strong, actually i like movie which give strong feeling,

The part B.I.G convicted by police, he called his mom from the jail but his mom refuse to take him out from the prison cos his mom wanted him to learn the lesson, his mom ask him to close the eye & say a prayer through the phone. (this is an impress part for me)

Another part that impress me is the 2 words, which is: "Thanks god".
In the funeral B.I.G's mom flashback there was a time that B.I.G (her son) was having lunch with her & B.I.G's friends, all of them is about to start the lunch but his mom suddenly stopped everyone because she want to start a prayer b4 the lunch begin, but B.I.G just surprisingly sign the cross & said: "Thanks god", friends asked: thats it?? he said: yeah. His mom said: this is the greatest prayer that he ever had........

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