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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Musical Show

Last Friday night I went to a Magical Musical show at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater, which Vivien asked me to go, but eventually seems like im the 1 who got impressed although I'm not the 1 who wanted to go at 1st, Vivien looks like not much feeling on that. But I'm very thank you to bring me there, this musical is more than the pop singer's concert, something like my number 1 show. Their looks are normal but their vocal makes them stunning & beautiful. I like they sang the Jai Ho by A.R.Rahman, is so beautiful voice & creative choreographed. love the woman & that uncle performance their vocal makes me envy. One of a part the lady sang Mulan- reflection, i listen until my tears drop cos it touched my heart, i never heard such a beautiful voice before & she is singing the song from my childhood, so u can imagine how precious it is. My childhood or teenage songs are all outdated but these are the songs which makes me a man of today so they are very important to me. I dont manage to take a single foto because i cant waste a sec to glance other side. My concentration the tense is 100 percent watching the state.

A word which impressed me at Ipoh
I have checked out from the hotel & I was leaving in the car park, The parking boy said good bye & suddenly he add in "god bless u" at the end, I was so impressed suddenly i feel i was so blessed because of your blessing & the god's blessing the impact was so strong to me. Some of my friends remind me to drive safe thru sms or facebook is kinda touching as well..

Monday, July 11, 2011

Carlsberg // dont stop till you get enough (Deluxe Edition)

Shot by Nokia 5800 // Olympus
The Carlsberg's cap was what i used to drink with BBMG, never have so many carlsberg cap before, so thinking to make a memory with some photos, cos lately carlsberg's cap can do money redemption or some souvenir. The Beer cans were given by gordon from the Saturday BBQ night.. Thanks Gordon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Hottest News

This week the traffic is so terrible due to the police has blocked all the road, even Sunway to Subang USJ also takes me 45 minutes. U know y??? It is because of 709//Bersih 2.0 Rally is happening on this Sat. So the police has blocked the all the ways to KL, the purpose is make peoples difficult to get into KL, which is also a selfish doing although i don't know what is the motive behind, but it wasted the peoples time for those who are stuck in the crawl on the other hand it also slightly affected the money flown. I very agree to have this bersih 2.0 rally activity, this is not a bunch of gangster fighting against each other & i think this is a positive action to do. This strongly remind us we want a clean & fair election, against the dirty jobs. I think they extremely did a good job for this time, I was very impressed & touched by them, the spirit, the way they unite & the gut to fight for the right. I was disappointed that the bomba car used the acid water to splash on their own citizen, i wonder why & whats wrong? & even throw the tear gas into the hospital, are u playing some kind of counter strike or network battle games in the reality world??? It really devastate peoples heart. I thought Malaysia is doing the 1 Malaysia Campaign, but this trial has shown the answer. If we are against the clean what are we supporting? Should think of our next generation & a right teaching for the future also a better culture. Just like once the air is polluted, every peoples have to bare with the consequence, whether u are guilty or not guilty. Anyway god bless us.. hehe

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stalking me myself & I

I have been stalking & ambush my own blog for this past few months. I rather write nothing but all i can do is just stalk how many readers enter to my blog to see my story & i check out what is the hottest post. Sometimes I dont understand what people likes to read, most of my friends dont do reading, i mean some of them. Some of the blog may not so good, maybe contain some mistakes but i wont delete it because all these are some kind of stepping stone. i want to see how much i can transform. Honestly i like those people who can write good english, i mean proper but doesnt have to be very deep. I like those people who can sing very well which can make me shiver, i will wonder why??? how??? listen it over & over again, why he can but i cannot, the answer is we are just ordinary people. But I still dont surrender i want to try until i mute, nut or my lung out whatever i dont care, i just want to hit that note for 2 sec im already very satisfy, the complement words that people gave just take 1 sec but im already very impressed. The most favorite place to sing is not in the lounge, competition or Karaoke room. The best studio to test your vocal is sing inside the car, because radio will play random female & male songs, Of cos female songs is hard for guy to sing but i do love some of the female artist especially vocal artist. Everyone sure experienced some out of tune part when it comes to a higher note but if u never fail u wont make it big because it is right to revenge to our failure haha, if u really never out of tune before, i bet u must be a person who know nothing about singing.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Recent JAM.

Dance Hit
1. Pitbull- Give me everything (Rap & vocal sounds good)
2. Chris Brown- Next to you (Like the beat)
3. Lady Gaga- Edge of Glory (Like the Saxophone part)
4. Guy Sebastian- Who's that girl

1. Maroon 5- Out of goodbye (like the romance)
2. J bieber- That Should be me (like the feeling it delivered)

1. Jessica Mauboy- What happened to us (like the feeling it gave)
2. Maroon 5- Give a little more (like the vocal)
3. Maroon 5- move like jagger (like the vocal)
4. The Wanted- Heart Vacancy (quite a special song)
5. Westlife- Safe

1. Linkin Park- Iridescent (like the video & music)

I've been stop downloading song probably for a year. so lately i dint even know what my favorite song of this days... i remember last time i used to burn CD to ken & kenny, when i get into their car i will saw their CD pack got the CD i burned. I used to send songs to my friends thru MSN.. I have stopped now, i know i shouldn't stop doing this..

Even Radio station last time I used to listen Hitz9290 but then turned to Mix9450 eventually now Traxx is the station which can turn me on becos they know what to play on the air.