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Sunday, July 10, 2011

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This week the traffic is so terrible due to the police has blocked all the road, even Sunway to Subang USJ also takes me 45 minutes. U know y??? It is because of 709//Bersih 2.0 Rally is happening on this Sat. So the police has blocked the all the ways to KL, the purpose is make peoples difficult to get into KL, which is also a selfish doing although i don't know what is the motive behind, but it wasted the peoples time for those who are stuck in the crawl on the other hand it also slightly affected the money flown. I very agree to have this bersih 2.0 rally activity, this is not a bunch of gangster fighting against each other & i think this is a positive action to do. This strongly remind us we want a clean & fair election, against the dirty jobs. I think they extremely did a good job for this time, I was very impressed & touched by them, the spirit, the way they unite & the gut to fight for the right. I was disappointed that the bomba car used the acid water to splash on their own citizen, i wonder why & whats wrong? & even throw the tear gas into the hospital, are u playing some kind of counter strike or network battle games in the reality world??? It really devastate peoples heart. I thought Malaysia is doing the 1 Malaysia Campaign, but this trial has shown the answer. If we are against the clean what are we supporting? Should think of our next generation & a right teaching for the future also a better culture. Just like once the air is polluted, every peoples have to bare with the consequence, whether u are guilty or not guilty. Anyway god bless us.. hehe

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