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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Musical Show

Last Friday night I went to a Magical Musical show at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater, which Vivien asked me to go, but eventually seems like im the 1 who got impressed although I'm not the 1 who wanted to go at 1st, Vivien looks like not much feeling on that. But I'm very thank you to bring me there, this musical is more than the pop singer's concert, something like my number 1 show. Their looks are normal but their vocal makes them stunning & beautiful. I like they sang the Jai Ho by A.R.Rahman, is so beautiful voice & creative choreographed. love the woman & that uncle performance their vocal makes me envy. One of a part the lady sang Mulan- reflection, i listen until my tears drop cos it touched my heart, i never heard such a beautiful voice before & she is singing the song from my childhood, so u can imagine how precious it is. My childhood or teenage songs are all outdated but these are the songs which makes me a man of today so they are very important to me. I dont manage to take a single foto because i cant waste a sec to glance other side. My concentration the tense is 100 percent watching the state.

A word which impressed me at Ipoh
I have checked out from the hotel & I was leaving in the car park, The parking boy said good bye & suddenly he add in "god bless u" at the end, I was so impressed suddenly i feel i was so blessed because of your blessing & the god's blessing the impact was so strong to me. Some of my friends remind me to drive safe thru sms or facebook is kinda touching as well..


  1. actually i enjoyed the musical a lot. they performed some of my favourite musical songs from grease, hairspray and mamma mia. those are my favourite musicals. i would've sang the songs with them but too shy la haha. actually, my face turned VERY sour because we were kinda late...that's why maybe you see me not feeling it. but i was smiling through when they sang songs like summer lovin, footloose, defying gravity...loving all of it.

    so i apologise for having a sour face la hahaha. don't really like to be late for important events but it's okay...at least we managed to seat in front. better than at the back. so YES, i did enjoyed the musical.

  2. It's alright. i was very angry to be late too.. haha but at least the timing gave us a closer sit... maybe is not a bad things.

  3. yea, maybe if i didn't ask you to turn around and pick me up then you'll have more time to have your dinner and save more time as well. it's all good. it's already a blessing to sit in front cos that front seat ticket cost RM200+

    just realised my grammar mistake in the first comment: *sit in front. hahaha