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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stalking me myself & I

I have been stalking & ambush my own blog for this past few months. I rather write nothing but all i can do is just stalk how many readers enter to my blog to see my story & i check out what is the hottest post. Sometimes I dont understand what people likes to read, most of my friends dont do reading, i mean some of them. Some of the blog may not so good, maybe contain some mistakes but i wont delete it because all these are some kind of stepping stone. i want to see how much i can transform. Honestly i like those people who can write good english, i mean proper but doesnt have to be very deep. I like those people who can sing very well which can make me shiver, i will wonder why??? how??? listen it over & over again, why he can but i cannot, the answer is we are just ordinary people. But I still dont surrender i want to try until i mute, nut or my lung out whatever i dont care, i just want to hit that note for 2 sec im already very satisfy, the complement words that people gave just take 1 sec but im already very impressed. The most favorite place to sing is not in the lounge, competition or Karaoke room. The best studio to test your vocal is sing inside the car, because radio will play random female & male songs, Of cos female songs is hard for guy to sing but i do love some of the female artist especially vocal artist. Everyone sure experienced some out of tune part when it comes to a higher note but if u never fail u wont make it big because it is right to revenge to our failure haha, if u really never out of tune before, i bet u must be a person who know nothing about singing.


  1. I don't remember how I ended up reading your blog. But I like the way you think.

    In my humble opinion, the only part that needs brushing up is, urm... your grammar??

    Other than that, it's fine. Keep it up! :D

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