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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

Just know that what is a leap day in english. I'm not here to explain what is leap day because i am not a scientist. the radio was talking about leap day this morning as well, they said today is a very special day due to 4 years only has once. They said for those women out there should propose to their man they like. it was quite funny a girl called in & said her boy friend was a shy guy who dare not propose to her, so this girl always telling his boy friend u are the one im going to marry & if u don't marry me i will burn your house, this girl keep telling her own parent this is my future husband. After the conversation the guy DJ keep saying this girl is a cyco of cos they are just joking. I don't know how old is she & how she looks like but is kinda funny, im not teasing at her. It makes me feel like a movie comedy. Quite like the attitude of that girl because she got the courage to love his man & fight for the thing she like... a woman with impact. hahahaha

Saturday, February 25, 2012


There are so many dreams in our life: Scary dream, liquid dream, happy dream, sad dream, non logical dream or some numbering dream which can give you clues to buy toto number.

My friend said i know u got your own dream too, work hard for your dream, 1 day u will achieve it. My friend is a man who got a lot of big dreams that is why he can die to achieve his dream. I started to wonder what is my dream, im lost with no direction just like a drunk people as i usually do. Anyway when i was a kid my grandma always ask me to become a lawyer & i promised her by saying yes i will, the time i dont even know what a lawyer really do but when i have grown up i found that im not really interested with all this kind of laws thingy but only knowing the law of attraction. I did think about this question recently, our dream isnt have to be like: Billionaire, Managing director, Illustration artist, famous author, a football star or become rock singer? We must have some kind of macho big dream then we can share it out loud to the public, But some women is just doing a housewife at home, are they being left out from the society? Some people may look down on them. I would respect them because bring up a family is not easy at all. What about those garbage collector they are the 1 who make our environment clean, non of them have a dream? In reality is not really everyone working on their dream but everyone still playing a very important role in the society. Those successful people on the magazine always look very handsome because today we got Photoshop, but sometimes their scandal will leak on the internet not because of the pipe burst is because they are too obsess of following the world.

Dream is very important for us, dream is the direction of our life, we dint achieve our dream it doesnt mean we are failed, most important we have gain something in our life & learn something. Its kinda sad if we cant reach our dream. Big dream or small dream also a dream, we still have to work for our living everyday, as long as we responsible to our own role.

I still remember someone dream is to become a nun that really makes me respect. what about a dream to become a priest also a man for me to salute, what about a dream to become something like mother Teresa. We cant just live our dream base on the Time Magazine or TV show, because they are just the sake of earning money.

Eventually my dream is become a singer because i also a commercial shit HAHAHA. I always telling my friend my dream is become a singer, music makes my world interesting. I also hope I can makes others world interesting cos this is something free which money cannot buy.

The way she dress

The way she wear heels is so hype
The way she sweat makes people wet
The way she expose makes the air filled with passion
The way she covered up makes people life miserable
The way she wear so tight makes people hard to breathe
The way she wear the leather bell is so raw
The way she wear transparent makes people never enough
The way she wear nothing has solved our riddles.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Words of Wisdom

Lately the top singer in my list still Foster The People, I just red thru 1 of their song which is "I Would Do Anything for You. The lyrics was written with wisdom. He said: "I donno what the plan is, but u can share with me, cause i'll be a listening ear to everything you say", sometimes we are not really that experienced or wise in something but if we always got a good companion to guard us or share with us it will make us grow eventually, being a good listener is very important as well cos in reality sometimes we just like conversation competition n dint bother to concern people's business. I like the way he said: "I've fallen in love & it's better this time than ever before", it makes me feel that he dont want to waste time to look back anymore, he had already moved on to something better than before. "Everyday is a battle i face", is so real for me, we not everyday living in those kind of Korea love drama, in reality we face a lot of battle which make us upset but stronger. "It's a strange life i live, but its what u decided," means she accepts you included your weaknesses. "I smile when you speak," because he always remember to smile no matter he is sad or happy while talking to the 1 he love.... "Shaking my head from all i had done but u never left me", she never left even though he'd failed to achieve something. This song is so similar to our real life, that is why i will like it. It reminds us to stay positive n move on everyday.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Love Day 2012

This is what i got during 14th Feb 2012. Is Kinda surprise & happy. Thanks for the 1. The hard candy "its a boy" i dont really know why is stated like this haha.. The "kisses" chocolate was my childhood obsess favorite. Saw so many people love exhibition in the public, because they cant wait to have sex in the public haha. & in our place we dont really have a romantic street like Paris Eiffel tower hahaha all we can do is have dinner in shopping mall so this is it. But romance grows not because of the places, it grows from the heart, is not because u dare to love exhibition in the outdoor, is because u got the courage to fight for her, love the people with the right kind of way & always pray for the 1 u love.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Full Moon

They said west sided moon is rounder than our country, i do live with a doubt because i never been to west side before. Some more their Hollywood movie & technology are so advance & awesome it makes me feel like i should believe it, if not i will being left out for this modern era. But i rethink over & over again, we are still sharing the same sky, we are standing under the same sun, the matter is just the weather is different, I started to realize what they said was not logical.

Actually we live in a 5 stars country which we got everything, the matter is the human who polluted & destroy the culture, & implement the unhealthy culture which makes our moon is no longer round. our stars are dum now.

For sunlight we got the brightest.
For fruit we are still undefeated.
For local girls they are still very hot due to the hot weather.
For food im still loving it because even U.S mcd have to follow our appetite.
For natural resources are still infinity but i just don't know where everything goes.
For local car we still hebat in proton.
For the tallest building we got sparkling Twin Tower.
For career vise we got all the opportunities even u want to work as a shemale.

Dont tell me other country sang the christmas song louder.
Dont tell me their festival decoration is better.
Dont deny what u are & where u come from, so that no 1 dare to deny u.
Eventually Dont walk away if u know where u belonged.

If u feel that the love is gone, maybe u should be the one to fight back the love which u deserved. Is irresponsible to escape your contry & thing will never goes right. Fight for your country. We can't change the world, we can't change people's country but we can change the culture of our country with the holy vote.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Some peoples very love to bully people because it makes them feel cool & looks like a hero, they may look very furious on their face which makes u scare. The way they talk is killing & makes u weak. Eventually this attitude will lead u only to hell, I wonder the fire furious or your your anger more furious, I wonder will the fire scare of your furious & that is the time for u to become the real hero to fight against the flame.


A lot of football fans in our country because of Astro Super Sport, many of the fans are gambler as well, i know im not a real football fans, many peoples outside is not a football fans as well but we got the right to watch & comment about it. Last time i said football is just for people to gamble & my friend seems angry. Last night i supported Chelsea just for fun but my friend who is MU fans she here to prove me wrong for the final "draw result". I said i dont know much about MU player except Rooney, she said what about JS park, Mexican guy & Gigs, u donno all this player? Yes, i knew they are in the team but they are not not on my mind, do i need to know this as a general knowledge & questioning me like this isnt necessary? U said its just a game, do u really need to defense for MU? If they are your sibling i dont mind but they are not even in your circle of life, u are just seeing them on poster & TV, so i cannot find a single reason why are u so helping them. They are not the 1 who sit beside u. U are the fan is acceptable but do they really need you to protect them from people saying them? I not here to fire back, because i just dont understand. U should put this fight for your life, not this. Give comments on your real life. Eventually I wrote this not because i want to create a story, because i really feel that u are a bit over fascinated for this kind of things. Im not asking sorry or thank you. This is my kindly advice. Hope u are fine with it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brownie (The Memories of 12 Years)

My Pet Dog

Today I was extremely sad & devastated due to my pet dog(Brownie) had just passed away. Mom said: he sustained until this chinese new year just to stand a chance to meet up with us, what a faithful dog. I was speechless & donno what to say after received the sms. My teenage dog has just left me, the 1st dog which born in my house. 10 years ago he used to vomit blood because of swallowed some chemical powder which use to kill fleas, that time i was outside, i go home straight to see brownie just because i was too afraid to lose him. Still remember we use to jog behind our house & he fell into the drain because his carelessness, still remember he used to escape which make me chase him like a sprinter, still remember he will always there to stare at me when i standing in front of him, still remember he loved to walk by beside my leg like a cat, still remember he always there to welcome me home, still remember he always waited patiently for me to feed him, still remember his adorable eye which make peoples want to love him. still remember he always recognized me even 1 year no see. I did spend my time with brownie this holiday, i also donno y, just like the spirit is asking me to do so. What i have said to my dog was: i just havent met u yet, n i very miss u. thanks for being here always no matter what happened. I know our time together will not last long because he is kinda weak & old nowadays. Finally my pet dog which accompany me since my teenage until today had left. He is in my pray quite frequent, maybe it is time to say goodbye after all this good effort & memories. I think my dad should be very sad because he likes to talk to brownie. The most important thing is we never neglected this lovely dog all the while.