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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

Just know that what is a leap day in english. I'm not here to explain what is leap day because i am not a scientist. the radio was talking about leap day this morning as well, they said today is a very special day due to 4 years only has once. They said for those women out there should propose to their man they like. it was quite funny a girl called in & said her boy friend was a shy guy who dare not propose to her, so this girl always telling his boy friend u are the one im going to marry & if u don't marry me i will burn your house, this girl keep telling her own parent this is my future husband. After the conversation the guy DJ keep saying this girl is a cyco of cos they are just joking. I don't know how old is she & how she looks like but is kinda funny, im not teasing at her. It makes me feel like a movie comedy. Quite like the attitude of that girl because she got the courage to love his man & fight for the thing she like... a woman with impact. hahahaha

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