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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Words of Wisdom

Lately the top singer in my list still Foster The People, I just red thru 1 of their song which is "I Would Do Anything for You. The lyrics was written with wisdom. He said: "I donno what the plan is, but u can share with me, cause i'll be a listening ear to everything you say", sometimes we are not really that experienced or wise in something but if we always got a good companion to guard us or share with us it will make us grow eventually, being a good listener is very important as well cos in reality sometimes we just like conversation competition n dint bother to concern people's business. I like the way he said: "I've fallen in love & it's better this time than ever before", it makes me feel that he dont want to waste time to look back anymore, he had already moved on to something better than before. "Everyday is a battle i face", is so real for me, we not everyday living in those kind of Korea love drama, in reality we face a lot of battle which make us upset but stronger. "It's a strange life i live, but its what u decided," means she accepts you included your weaknesses. "I smile when you speak," because he always remember to smile no matter he is sad or happy while talking to the 1 he love.... "Shaking my head from all i had done but u never left me", she never left even though he'd failed to achieve something. This song is so similar to our real life, that is why i will like it. It reminds us to stay positive n move on everyday.

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  1. awesome! this song also speaks to me in its own kind of way and i would very much dedicate this to someone i love one day (if i can find one) haha