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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brownie (The Memories of 12 Years)

My Pet Dog

Today I was extremely sad & devastated due to my pet dog(Brownie) had just passed away. Mom said: he sustained until this chinese new year just to stand a chance to meet up with us, what a faithful dog. I was speechless & donno what to say after received the sms. My teenage dog has just left me, the 1st dog which born in my house. 10 years ago he used to vomit blood because of swallowed some chemical powder which use to kill fleas, that time i was outside, i go home straight to see brownie just because i was too afraid to lose him. Still remember we use to jog behind our house & he fell into the drain because his carelessness, still remember he used to escape which make me chase him like a sprinter, still remember he will always there to stare at me when i standing in front of him, still remember he loved to walk by beside my leg like a cat, still remember he always there to welcome me home, still remember he always waited patiently for me to feed him, still remember his adorable eye which make peoples want to love him. still remember he always recognized me even 1 year no see. I did spend my time with brownie this holiday, i also donno y, just like the spirit is asking me to do so. What i have said to my dog was: i just havent met u yet, n i very miss u. thanks for being here always no matter what happened. I know our time together will not last long because he is kinda weak & old nowadays. Finally my pet dog which accompany me since my teenage until today had left. He is in my pray quite frequent, maybe it is time to say goodbye after all this good effort & memories. I think my dad should be very sad because he likes to talk to brownie. The most important thing is we never neglected this lovely dog all the while.

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