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Saturday, February 25, 2012


There are so many dreams in our life: Scary dream, liquid dream, happy dream, sad dream, non logical dream or some numbering dream which can give you clues to buy toto number.

My friend said i know u got your own dream too, work hard for your dream, 1 day u will achieve it. My friend is a man who got a lot of big dreams that is why he can die to achieve his dream. I started to wonder what is my dream, im lost with no direction just like a drunk people as i usually do. Anyway when i was a kid my grandma always ask me to become a lawyer & i promised her by saying yes i will, the time i dont even know what a lawyer really do but when i have grown up i found that im not really interested with all this kind of laws thingy but only knowing the law of attraction. I did think about this question recently, our dream isnt have to be like: Billionaire, Managing director, Illustration artist, famous author, a football star or become rock singer? We must have some kind of macho big dream then we can share it out loud to the public, But some women is just doing a housewife at home, are they being left out from the society? Some people may look down on them. I would respect them because bring up a family is not easy at all. What about those garbage collector they are the 1 who make our environment clean, non of them have a dream? In reality is not really everyone working on their dream but everyone still playing a very important role in the society. Those successful people on the magazine always look very handsome because today we got Photoshop, but sometimes their scandal will leak on the internet not because of the pipe burst is because they are too obsess of following the world.

Dream is very important for us, dream is the direction of our life, we dint achieve our dream it doesnt mean we are failed, most important we have gain something in our life & learn something. Its kinda sad if we cant reach our dream. Big dream or small dream also a dream, we still have to work for our living everyday, as long as we responsible to our own role.

I still remember someone dream is to become a nun that really makes me respect. what about a dream to become a priest also a man for me to salute, what about a dream to become something like mother Teresa. We cant just live our dream base on the Time Magazine or TV show, because they are just the sake of earning money.

Eventually my dream is become a singer because i also a commercial shit HAHAHA. I always telling my friend my dream is become a singer, music makes my world interesting. I also hope I can makes others world interesting cos this is something free which money cannot buy.

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