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Monday, June 27, 2011

Debut Solo To the North Side

20th June 2011
It was my 1st time to travel alone with my car, the 1st station i drove to was Ipoh, a town which is full of cantonese dialect & famous with chicken rice haha but i dint manage to eat any chicken rice cos chicken rice its nothing to me, drove to Ipoh wasn't so difficult but due to i dont have any idea of the direction, it really wasted a lot of my precious time. I met few customers over there, an A customer even fetch me to the B customer because they know im fresh from the boat, i quite appreciate that, so straight away i make my night plan, ask Sammuel to go out at night. So i waited at the hotel till 9pm then i call Sammuel, but very disappointed, he dint turn on his phone. so i guess he maybe playing truant, so i go out alone to find somewhere which can eat & drink, fortunately Sammuel returned my call at 11 & he told that he carelessly left his phone inside the car. Finally my party start on 11pm we went to a pub & drink until 2am, it was quite dizzy & Sammuel's friend was so drinkable a 25 year old guy. Really an origin young man from Ipoh, he can bottoms up every single time if he wanted to. I never knew Ipoh people can drink so well because all my Ipoh friend is very undrinkable, that is why they are working in KL because they have banned by Ipoh for the sin of undrinkable, they are pirated Ipoh guys.. hahaha.

21st June 2011
Continue the journey to Butterworth, actually is not far from Ipoh to Butterworth but it was too boring to drive alone, & the radio wasnt working due to the frequency is different from KL, i felt like i almost cannot make it, i stopped in a rest station to refresh myself. at last i reach there at 5pm. Tuesday night was my most boring night because i dinner alone then drink 2 huge carlsberg alone in the hotel room, keep changing channel & play facebook. Dare not off the light to sleep, i dare to sleep with anoconda, dare to sleep with the enemy but i never dare to sleep alone outside plus the shirt hanging there is slightly swinging.

22nd June 2011
Day time work as usual, night time we dinner at the shore places. The sunset color seems good but i dont have an advance camera to capture the true color of the beauty. After the dinner. I went back to my hotel while waiting Ar Bin to come over, since he is a bit late, i went out n waited him in a karaoke places so i can sing some songs instead of just waiting. Bin came at 1am, the shop close at 2 am, eventually we drunk like a fish. Before go back we still bought 2 bottles from seven eleven, that was so over doze. I manage to sing few songs that night, quite happy that some audiences clap their hand after my jam, hope i dint embarrass anyone hahaha...

23th June 2011
Penang town really fuck me up up due to their road is all 1 way & got no place to stop by, my urine bag almost burst keep waiting for those god damn traffic light. Night time dinner with my director. he asked me for dinner so i thought is some kind of formal dinner, but it is not, it is a dinner of 3 peoples. After that we went to a pub, the boss of the pub come to entertain us, He keep on speaking Hokkien i cant even catch his jokes so what i can do is just drink n smile which is quite boring. after entertain the director it is time again, the singing competition is waiting, i went there with Ar Bin at 12am then we sang until 2 am as well, after closing time, we do the same things bought 1 extra bottle home from 7/11. When the time to sleep BBMG turn all the light out, then i asked him y shut it all??? he said with the light on how he going to sleep, i told him the shirts are auto swinging that night then Bin keep insist want to on back the light but i was too tired to bother him.

24th June 2011
After collected all the cheques it is time to head back to KL. Went to find BBMG for lunch which only costed RM3 for a chicken rice. After the lunch BBMG became my navigator to lead me to Ipoh, We reach Ipoh at 4pm to collect a cheque as well then we went to "San Yun Long" to have a cup of original white coffee, eat chu cheong fun & toasted bread. 5pm we start our engine again. Luckily after Ipoh my radio started to activated again & what they play was MJ's jams marathon, it suddenly give me stimulation to drive back KL. MJ saved my life // He is the ultimate King of Pop.

The trip was bit hectic & rush because i was not familiar with the places, but everything so far so good & i got bbmg to accompany me at night & he be my live google navigator. Thanks thanks thanks.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's dance

i know this song 1 year ago.. i cant deny.. i still listening to it... this is a song which can make me dance & i think is a best dance hit of this days... i not a trey songs listener, but this song he really did it best. i love Laza Morgan-this girl... super love the beat.. is very suitable to dance.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Beloved Movie KFP2

After the match Barcelona Vs Man U, June 29th my family members & my friends went to watch Kung Fu Panda at Mutiara Damansara Cathay Cineplexes of Cineleisure. I bought the tickets from church which organized by Assumption church, they are doing some raising fund for the world youth day. So is kind of support to them cos I never watch kung fu panda before. But I felt very happy to bring my friends to watch this movie because for myself i will rate this movie as full marks. Although I never watch episode 1 before, I like this episode 2, the moral value, the joy, the excitement. I feel this movie is so complete & it only takes 1 & half hour to finish, the movie dint waste any time in twist & turn so we wouldn't feel like waiting. For my point of view, I like movie with moral value plus some touching scene, it really can very impress me. so whatever my favorite movies is slightly the same hahaha. The moral value in the movie is something to learn so by watching a movie we also learn something positive. I like the peacock purposely create the rage to the panda by saying your parents dont want you so what are u still fighting for? I like the shemale rabbit says: your parent left u but it doesnt make u what u are today. it call us not to look back in anger, dont blame the past which make u failure today, we should never give up knocking on the doors. sometimes i also will blame on somebody so that i can have the excuses to let go myself which is so stupid.

Last month i was medium stress or a bit stress, i also donno which 1. cos im a person who never say stress haha. i stress is not because i have promised my boss what i want to achieve, the stress is i have promised myself to achieve the target, eventually i have given my best but it wasnt enough, i add the prayers, surprisingly i achieved my target on the last day of May. Thanks god for blessing the lazy people like me.