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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Importance of Chinese New Year

This is my best friend's Chinese New Year 2011 TVC. He is the most creative & he can express feeling very well until u can almost touch the feeling like a thing. He really put himself into other shoes, thats y he can understand the old men needs.

My friend got 3 most.
most creative
most sensible
most handsome

thank you for watching.

For my comment:
This Video dint make my brown eye blue (dint really make me wanna cry). Althought is not mine dream TVC, I like Ah Ken can bring out something very realistic, he brought out our impatient side which we never realize.

The most impressive part for me:
The scene that Ken appear, the words that he said was something he had really said before, i like he blend in his past into the video, he is not acting at all becasuse it is a flashback moment of a real situation. i was very sad to hear the words that he said in that scene because it remind me of the story behind. I wish he wasnt so cruel at that moment.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was feeling very guilty last Tuesday due to an misunderstanding incident.

Last Tuesday after i went to Sunway pyramid to have some beers, i was very piss off because of the stupid Alive pub in Snway for stopping me to bring in my friend as we had already reserved the table inside, so my mood was really spoiled, I went back home at 2:45am due to waited whole night for my friends to pay me the money but at last i got nothing but emptiness, that is another piss off part.

When i reach home, my sisters told me they are haunted by someone outside the window by keep calling: Hello, Bryan, Bryan. I was feeling very curious because he is calling my brother name at 3am morning. when i heard that i was feeling a bit scary too, then i open up curtain & check what is going on. I saw a guy standing downstairs behind my house, i lost my temper & scolded at him in a very cruelty way because i thought he want to disturb our family. After that i went back to my room & start to think y is he standing there, am i done something wrong. i dont bother whatever gonna happen, i need go out to check out whats going on. then i saw him stand in front of my neighbour's house, my back house neighbourhood. So i asked him whats happened, he told me his car was blocked by my neighbour who is his friends. then i said u should call them or ring the bell till they awake, if not u gonna stand until morning. but after 5 minutes my neighbour woke up, so everything is finally over.

The reason why he is calling bryan is because one of the family member called Ryan, he just try to wake Ryan up, but my sister thought he is calling bryan thats y they were very scare.

The reason why the car is blocked is because he went out with my neighbour-James, but James went home earlier than him after few hours when he get back to take his car, his car was blocked by James' daughter, thats the co incicent & im the 1 to play the lost temper role... really guilt

Jackass Man

Sometimes u feel very sad, your face is facing down, but when u raise up your head you accidently saw the Carlsberg light box, u will suddenly oh my god. thats the light, light of hope. Sometimes u will have some doubt to follow this ray of light but theres a voice beside your ear keep saying come la~ coma la~ u will feel your leg is out of your control & walked to that direction, sometimes u are lost without direction & is very difficult to find an exit, but when u found an exit, it exit to a drinking bar, it leave u no choice, u only can step in. Sometimes you dont feel like going out, have been hung over for so many days, but when Nokia phone ring thats how it begin, u suddenly feel the air is full of carlsberg's fragrance, u feel like u are recovered & u donno what is "NO", u only can click "YES!!!" maybe is the Nokia's problem, it got no "NO" button, thats y bruno mars say: u know u know u know i never ask u to change. i will not change other brand except it is Nokia phone.

Johnnie Walker's tag line: Keep Walking
For Carlsberg i would like to suggest: Come la//Come la (thats where the temptation & desire collided)

I had been living a Jackass life this 7 days, been having a drinking marathon night by night, everyday talk cock with friends, laugh, jokes & tipsy. The time had been too tight this few days cos im flying back tomorrow, time tight make my heart bounce untidily haha.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Very in love with this song

i used to love this song but nowadays is super ultimate madly love it, because i have listened it by heart, this song is truly a number 1 song. so now everyday i have to play it 1000 times to fulfill my desire.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

15th Jan 2011 Saturday's diary // sb to marry

My parent just went back to Tawau last week. My father used to record his small little grand son into his video phone when he was in KL, he play that video to my mum this morning, suddenly make my mom very miss her grand son & very miss her children too, after that my mom start to call my sister & have some conversation, what she asking was, i don't know whats wrong with you all, at this kind of time i should be take caring of my grand son or grand daughter, but none of u are married yet. Another thing is, my dad ask my mom why Ivan still haven't plan to get marry??? I was like: Oh no, my parent are pushing us very hard nowadays. My mom keep asking me got dating anyone or not lately. I think it is time to hurry up haha.

Lately 2 single ladies contact me thru facebook & mobile SMS, by asking me am i already taken or still single faggot, i told them im very single & very available like what Flo Rida said. but my 1st priority is still Catholic ladies, i think thats the wise choice.

A tawau friends message me thru facebook ask whether i got any girls to intro, the reasons are he saw i took a lot of pics with female, but all those are my ordinary friends. What i told him was, my friends all very fat & ugly, i dont have any pretty friends... straight away he stop the conversation haha

This is a single available man song by Flo rida feat Akon & will.i.am. Like!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Feel Pretty

I think i dint post my kind of activity quite a long while, i mean the activity which organised by me. I dont really like to post what i've done, cos feeling like doing a report, every monday i need to pass up my weekly report to my director.

This round is something special, I must write on this, Friday night i was a bit worry the trip will be boring maybe i was over concern because we have been 8 years never go back to karak together since 2002, of cos i went back there before to search my old feelings but is not together with my karak friends, that place is where i get to know them, so go back with them is really something special, like what i always say: same old place, same old people, same old friendship. Its really a fate i will know my friends in Pahang karak a place which u will never go, thats where we accidentally collided. Anyway thanks god gave us a chance to go back together on the Saturday.

Last time we were so young & free, just walk every where, watch TVB & smoke & play black jack, thats a heaven man, now all of us have beard on the chin, got stubble on the upper lip, which mean we have already grown. They said Ivan, u are already 28 this year, what i replied was: I will pretend i don't know my age & act la la boyz hahaha.

Last Sat after we have our nasi lemak breakfast at Sunway Min Tin, we departed at 12pm. We meet fat Brian at Karak toll that BHP gas station, Ah Loo cheated Brian by saying we are driving a red sport car, thats y Brian cannot recognise us even though he took few glimpses on us. Before we reach Karak we went to a Bentong hot spring.

1.This is the hot spring // The water is warm. Intro from left to the right= Brian Yap, Ah Loo, Ah Ping, Thunder Seng & Ivan Ho.

2. This is the Old School, They said they wanted to enroll 1 more time, take bakery course which is a new course.

3. We went to yim char in a old coffee shop which located in Karak Street, The White Coffee is HOT!!! The bread is smooth. yum yum~

Karak street got many different toto shop, thats y Ah Loo(black T) got the idea to buy toto jackpot, the reward for this round will be 21 million. we got 6 peoples in our group, so each of us will have to say a number from our heart, each of us gave 3 numbers cos we bough 3 roll of numbers.

4. This is the Black & White in case we win the money, we have planned to book cars & new houses because after 7pm we will be millionaire. Thunder Seng said he want to buy a house in karak if he hit the TOTO haha. & Thunder Seng is ready to be unemployed.

We went back home at 3:30pm, we have to go back early due to night time is our friend Harrison's wedding dinner. that is y they took leave on the Saturday, also the reason why they are free to go Karak.
5. In Klang Metro Tai Tong / This is our table / Me & my gang. What we major in Rahman was drinking HAHA cos all of them are good drinkable guys

6. This is how we drunk the night, Carlsberg to Tiger to Martell V.S.O.P to White Wine. Is a mess up night. HAHA. I promised myself not to drunk tonight because i dont want to ruin my good good night.

Harrison the groom man of the night, he requested 1 of us to sing a song, Ah Loo push it to me because they watched my singing video which i posted myself to the youtube hahaha. Of cos i will not say no to turn the atmosphere down, plus im very willing to sing, i have chosen the song by LeeHom-ai de jiu si ni. i dint go up to the state cos is a wireless mic,but i never knew that this song will catch some peoples attention, they bluff the other by saying im just back from Taiwan, i can hear some peoples singing as well while im singing, suddenly i felt that i have became klang's singer, & the uncles keep saying sounds good, u are good, i want to sing a song with u. hahahaha really happy to hear the word of compliment, i just sing it with joy, the lyrics i still wrong in pronounce as usual, i still missed some words as usual, but as long as they can feel the joy i want to spread, im already very satisfied. On the other hand, also a kind of dedication to Harrison.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1 Malaysia's rules

1 malay
1 religion
1 halal food
1 color
1 language
1 corruption
1 prime minister

Thats how we follow the rules