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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Importance of Chinese New Year

This is my best friend's Chinese New Year 2011 TVC. He is the most creative & he can express feeling very well until u can almost touch the feeling like a thing. He really put himself into other shoes, thats y he can understand the old men needs.

My friend got 3 most.
most creative
most sensible
most handsome

thank you for watching.

For my comment:
This Video dint make my brown eye blue (dint really make me wanna cry). Althought is not mine dream TVC, I like Ah Ken can bring out something very realistic, he brought out our impatient side which we never realize.

The most impressive part for me:
The scene that Ken appear, the words that he said was something he had really said before, i like he blend in his past into the video, he is not acting at all becasuse it is a flashback moment of a real situation. i was very sad to hear the words that he said in that scene because it remind me of the story behind. I wish he wasnt so cruel at that moment.

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