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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jackass Man

Sometimes u feel very sad, your face is facing down, but when u raise up your head you accidently saw the Carlsberg light box, u will suddenly oh my god. thats the light, light of hope. Sometimes u will have some doubt to follow this ray of light but theres a voice beside your ear keep saying come la~ coma la~ u will feel your leg is out of your control & walked to that direction, sometimes u are lost without direction & is very difficult to find an exit, but when u found an exit, it exit to a drinking bar, it leave u no choice, u only can step in. Sometimes you dont feel like going out, have been hung over for so many days, but when Nokia phone ring thats how it begin, u suddenly feel the air is full of carlsberg's fragrance, u feel like u are recovered & u donno what is "NO", u only can click "YES!!!" maybe is the Nokia's problem, it got no "NO" button, thats y bruno mars say: u know u know u know i never ask u to change. i will not change other brand except it is Nokia phone.

Johnnie Walker's tag line: Keep Walking
For Carlsberg i would like to suggest: Come la//Come la (thats where the temptation & desire collided)

I had been living a Jackass life this 7 days, been having a drinking marathon night by night, everyday talk cock with friends, laugh, jokes & tipsy. The time had been too tight this few days cos im flying back tomorrow, time tight make my heart bounce untidily haha.

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