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Saturday, January 15, 2011

15th Jan 2011 Saturday's diary // sb to marry

My parent just went back to Tawau last week. My father used to record his small little grand son into his video phone when he was in KL, he play that video to my mum this morning, suddenly make my mom very miss her grand son & very miss her children too, after that my mom start to call my sister & have some conversation, what she asking was, i don't know whats wrong with you all, at this kind of time i should be take caring of my grand son or grand daughter, but none of u are married yet. Another thing is, my dad ask my mom why Ivan still haven't plan to get marry??? I was like: Oh no, my parent are pushing us very hard nowadays. My mom keep asking me got dating anyone or not lately. I think it is time to hurry up haha.

Lately 2 single ladies contact me thru facebook & mobile SMS, by asking me am i already taken or still single faggot, i told them im very single & very available like what Flo Rida said. but my 1st priority is still Catholic ladies, i think thats the wise choice.

A tawau friends message me thru facebook ask whether i got any girls to intro, the reasons are he saw i took a lot of pics with female, but all those are my ordinary friends. What i told him was, my friends all very fat & ugly, i dont have any pretty friends... straight away he stop the conversation haha

This is a single available man song by Flo rida feat Akon & will.i.am. Like!!!

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