Poland Krakow

Friday, May 25, 2012

Draw Sth 25th May 2012//Additional

Its been a long while haven't draw a human figure. Normally just draw "Cars" to my nephew. Today was something special, suddenly some A4 papers in front of me while im playing my laptop. At 1st i was drawing the rapper 50cent, then suddenly change to this pic haha... i know my stroke was not fascinating enough, but this is not a competition, i think art is an enjoyment, i kinda enjoy. Sometimes we love a song not because the song is good to listen, is because it is very good to sing. sometimes we love to sing not because we sing very well, is because we found the joy while we are singing. Kinda happy is because i dint even sketch this with a pencil before i start but straight away draw it with a ball pen, so the result for me is quite satisfy. If my top Illustration friends saw this they will ask me: are u drawing smigoh, child play chucky or any monster that featured in Hollywood movie HAHAHHA.
Just bought a new 2B pencil. Accidentally saw this picture on internet yahoo & it was like 2am in the morning which is also a working day. I was like just simply draw for fun before i go to bed, but when it started it's hard to stop. Draw until half way i was about to give it up but eventually my mission has accomplished. I didnt even sharpen my pencil cos i was thinking just a draft but the bold stroke look something new for me. A picture will not finish drawing when u keep starring at it, all u can do is close this file. A drawing is not how similar u can follow the reference but it's about how u make the drawing looks alive. A drawing is not fully about the accurate of proportion but it's how u simplify the drawing & make it more mesmerize than the reference. In our life is the same. It's not about how good u imitate the magazine cover. It's all about how u make yourself looks mesmerize because u know yourself the best, & u are the master of your body. Magazine cover may just a good reference for you. Is unnecessary to complicate our life. We need ideas to simplify our life.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Live at a bar

Just went to a Bar few days ago. Sitting at the bar & watching the English football final. Normally come to final everyone is very exciting included the non watch football people, i do not dare to make a sound because im a non watch football guy & i scared the fans will whack me with the jugs. There's an english guy beside me who is supporting Man City, Because of M.City is losing he keeps scolding with the word "fook" beside me, how i wish i can tell him: Mr English. Can you please stop saying the word, we pronounce it "fuck" in our country, we dont pronounce it fook & make sure u fuck it with the right pronunciation to get your partner aroused next time. Im sure the Mr English will ask me back what the fuck are u thinking, i will tell him: Pitbull Doggy style. After that I asked the bartender(SPOE) for another drink, the bartender who is an Asernal fans also an African, he straight away give me the bill to pay, i said: No, i wont got the money to pay until M.City won the game, by the way please give me another drink of guinness, the previous glass's portion is just for the baby. Eventually the bar is closing at 00:15am. Spoe came to me again, now u got the money to pay because of M.City has won in the last minutes, I was smiling & said: yes, i got to pay now. before i left i tell him next year champion will be Asernal, please believe it without doubt. goodbye.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Some women says a man who got the sadness in their eye is the most handsome man because it will makes u want to find out more about him. I have lose my fight today & my eye is full of sadness, how i wish i can escape by drinking alcohol or smoking some drugs. Today i went to church alone. After the priest telling a very touching story, I started to cry just like an actor u can ask him to cry anytime, i cry until i cannot stop until the kid beside me said tears. We are playing a role everyday, everyday i want to look good i want to let people know im ok, i want to stay positive, i have to try my best, i have to fight, i have to find solution for myself to feel better whenever im unhappy. But today im alone in church with god, thats nothing i can hide or thats no need to tell god im fine. The god knows u are not fine. Thats y i cant stop crying. Got few things on my mind but i never really go to deal with it, but today im dealing it alone in the church & i just need some quiet time to listen god's opinions. I felt very sad sometimes is not being appreciated but I still have to hold on. I felt very sad when i know my favourite uncle got cancer, i felt very sad because some peoples purposely hurt my feeling, i felt very sad some peoples hurt my family. I felt sad i lost my new hand phone because of drinking with the customer i dislike. Everyday we just keep ourself busy because we dont want to deal with this kind of sad feeling. But today it all comes to me in 1 go all i need is give me a break to cry it out. cry out all this hurt & cry out all this sadness.

The priest was the one to start my tears by telling touching story. I like to listen to story because i like to imagine by myself & create my own scene whether is night time or day time, whether is winter or summer. He said a UNI student went to NY for learn about their culture because he need to write a report about NY's culture for the final project. So when he was in NY he get to know a girl, this girl very like this young man, they work together do assignment together & discuss together, so after 8 months this young man has completed his job. it is time for him to leave. On the last day they did a farewell party for him. After that he took a teksi to the terminal n fly away, but before he took a teksi the girl came out to say goodbye to him they hug each other left cheek n right cheek. The girl touchs her own heart & say I want to say something from my heart, I think is not much chances for us to meet up anymore after u left but i want to tell u 1 thing, u make me best when u are around. This is the reason y this girl like this young man so much. Eventually the guy has gone back to his hometown to complete his study. My sister told me before dont find a partner just because u very love or just got the look. Find someone who can bring out the best of u, someone who can make u grow, someone who can make u better. The power is inside of us but we dint fully use it, but if there are someone there to spur us up, our power is full forced.

Please give me a supportive comment if u read this. I just need some support to win all these fights.