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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Live at a bar

Just went to a Bar few days ago. Sitting at the bar & watching the English football final. Normally come to final everyone is very exciting included the non watch football people, i do not dare to make a sound because im a non watch football guy & i scared the fans will whack me with the jugs. There's an english guy beside me who is supporting Man City, Because of M.City is losing he keeps scolding with the word "fook" beside me, how i wish i can tell him: Mr English. Can you please stop saying the word, we pronounce it "fuck" in our country, we dont pronounce it fook & make sure u fuck it with the right pronunciation to get your partner aroused next time. Im sure the Mr English will ask me back what the fuck are u thinking, i will tell him: Pitbull Doggy style. After that I asked the bartender(SPOE) for another drink, the bartender who is an Asernal fans also an African, he straight away give me the bill to pay, i said: No, i wont got the money to pay until M.City won the game, by the way please give me another drink of guinness, the previous glass's portion is just for the baby. Eventually the bar is closing at 00:15am. Spoe came to me again, now u got the money to pay because of M.City has won in the last minutes, I was smiling & said: yes, i got to pay now. before i left i tell him next year champion will be Asernal, please believe it without doubt. goodbye.

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