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Friday, May 25, 2012

Draw Sth 25th May 2012//Additional

Its been a long while haven't draw a human figure. Normally just draw "Cars" to my nephew. Today was something special, suddenly some A4 papers in front of me while im playing my laptop. At 1st i was drawing the rapper 50cent, then suddenly change to this pic haha... i know my stroke was not fascinating enough, but this is not a competition, i think art is an enjoyment, i kinda enjoy. Sometimes we love a song not because the song is good to listen, is because it is very good to sing. sometimes we love to sing not because we sing very well, is because we found the joy while we are singing. Kinda happy is because i dint even sketch this with a pencil before i start but straight away draw it with a ball pen, so the result for me is quite satisfy. If my top Illustration friends saw this they will ask me: are u drawing smigoh, child play chucky or any monster that featured in Hollywood movie HAHAHHA.
Just bought a new 2B pencil. Accidentally saw this picture on internet yahoo & it was like 2am in the morning which is also a working day. I was like just simply draw for fun before i go to bed, but when it started it's hard to stop. Draw until half way i was about to give it up but eventually my mission has accomplished. I didnt even sharpen my pencil cos i was thinking just a draft but the bold stroke look something new for me. A picture will not finish drawing when u keep starring at it, all u can do is close this file. A drawing is not how similar u can follow the reference but it's about how u make the drawing looks alive. A drawing is not fully about the accurate of proportion but it's how u simplify the drawing & make it more mesmerize than the reference. In our life is the same. It's not about how good u imitate the magazine cover. It's all about how u make yourself looks mesmerize because u know yourself the best, & u are the master of your body. Magazine cover may just a good reference for you. Is unnecessary to complicate our life. We need ideas to simplify our life.


  1. never know that u r so gifted in drawing.

    1. haha thanks.. just a simple drawing.. i got friends who are even best.