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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Beautiful Goodbye // Fast & Furious 7

I seldom write about movie post but for this movie is a must, because I cant describe how much I love this movie. Fast & the furious was the hottest movie on earth now, I have watched the movie on premiere day, what we can do now is keep repeating the song "see you again" to remember Paul, to flash back the scenes in our mind & the emotions that we left in that movie. It was totally out of my prediction that Fast & Furious can transform into such a sentimental movie, last time their soundtracks are normally club hits, this time the soundtrack was going to make you cry. The 1st episode I was still 18 years old. It has already 14 years until now. All of the actors & actress look matured. Really feel kind of sad for the lost of the fast family member, we have watched 7 episode which was 14 years totally, I wanted to cry but my feelings came too slow, I was so surprise they will end the movie like that, I really very very love the ending, all I can say is a very beautiful goodbye, very touching, I like they brought out the importance of family, family love. I like the last scene which was the same cars on the road like before & they look at each other & smile joyfully, it takes me back to episode 1 once again. I like the words that Vin Diesel spoke at the ending "you are my brother", The last smile of Paul was really too deep it reflects all my memory from episode 1 to 7, Don't really feel like letting him go when I saw him goes his separate way, It makes every audience heart so heavy. Director James did a very good job & playing with audience's emotion. The reveal of this movie was very good, everyone watched it will say its a good movie. Some friends even crazy fever about it, I am under FF7 spell right now. My heart is not ready to watch any upcoming movie yet until Im fully recover from this fever. I think I might need to watch twice to get some help or get some healing hahaha...