Poland Krakow

Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is a song i like since i was a kid.. I used to like Gary Barlow vocal, for me his singing tone sounds very good because it will not too deep or too high but just nice, a beautiful voice to sing songs, until today i still think his voice is very suitable for singing or talking.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Thousand Judges

A tall lady doesn't mean she is fine
A short lady doesn't mean she is ugly
A plum lady doesn't mean she is bad
A sinner doesn't mean he deserved to die
A donator doesn't mean he is kind
I'm stress doesn't mean i forgot to smile
A thousand showers doesn't mean the passed is cleansed
A thick lip doesn't mean she is Jolie
A double O7 doesn't mean he is Brosnan
A high heel shoes doesn't mean she will be loved
A flat shoes doesn't mean she is friendly
A poor woman doesn't mean she wants only diamond
A rich man doesn't mean he is rich in heaven
A poor man doesn't mean he is not blessed
A grey sky doesn't mean we are unhappy
A failure doesn't mean we have given up
A success doesn't mean we have stopped moving
A housewife doesn't mean she is ordinary
A modern woman doesn't mean she is awesome
A humble man doesn't mean he never lose
A ego man doesn't mean he is incurable
eventually a judge doesn't mean we knew other difficulties.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Romantic Century 2012

He felt such a waste because the song u liked is ended before he reach your gate, he is wondering just now should he drove faster because he want to share a wonderful atmosphere & situation with u
Every night he had ready some topics which you really like to listen
preparation is something money cant win
The way he performed he just want your complement but no others
performance is not the best but the best is already given
He is a bit angry & disappointed because the expectation is there
expectation may not essential but he gotta do that to make a better u
He is finding solutions to spur you up & he really hope u can make it
Sometimes he may create some challenges to make u grow
Discover your strenght but not digging your weakness
Words of encouragement is never end no matter day or night
Is useless to spend the time just sitting together but rather spend some quality moment
never neglected u because of the plan is planed nicely
Being interested to listen all kind of conversations
Knowing what u need without your realisation
Eventually remember to smile all the time while we are talking to each other.

If all this above is real, Eiffel tower is just nothing.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Me Against Myself

Some peoples is very paranoid about herself, im not writing a song here. Actually this is a wrong concept. I learned something from a christian book "become a better you". he said: we are the creation of god, everyone is unique, everyone got different strenghts, god created us for reason, everyone got different mission. We cant everytime reminding ourself: No, we cant, im low self esteem, im very insecure, im very lonely, this is all the negative thought. Sex can be a mistake but the god creation is not a mistake. All u have to do is kill all these negative thoughts, dont let all this trash hold u back. Sometimes u may very scare to let people critic about u but why dont u dare to let yourself die 1 time, life is like a gamble, we have to bet 1 round, if we win we'll be happy, if we lose we lose with glory n satisfied heart. I want to buy a positive thinking book for my friend but i've forgotten, sorry bout that. Anyway we should read more positive thinking book like Nick Carter said on the radio. I know by saying & reading is very easy but at least we gotta have the right root to grow the beautiful flowers inside our heart eventually. Some people will accuse until u die but u gotta know how to resurrect & tell them fucker "im still alive".

The Achievement in Life

Just read a book from my friends. I seldom read books. This is a books named: "how to be happy". I dint really read page by page but there's a sentence caught my attention, which is "they happy not because they are success, They success because they are happy". I've been thinking this motto for few days over & over again, the word is very simple but the meaning is very deep, so i gotta dive in deeper to analyse what is this motto. actually what it mean is: A people happy not because they got a lot of money, a people succeeded because they have achieved the happiness inside their heart. Of cos nowadays money is everything//money is not everything. Money categorized our standard. Money can transform to be authority. For the rich people they just try to make the money more & more important or more precious because this is what they have in their hand. But no matter how u calculate money is never enough. Money makes the target higher n higher, when we always cant touch our target line we will never happy that is y rich it doesnt mean u are succeeded. The lifestyle brands: LV, MOET or Apple keep brain washing u, keep reminding u when u using their product, u are in good life. But at the end u are the 1 to find your own good life in the reality.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Just watch Lee Hom Concert last Saturday. Please read my post "I Feel Pretty" the time i attended my glassmate wedding. The song i've chosen to sing was "Ai De Jiu Si Ni" by Lee Hom, I rememer the whole crowd was so enjoy & like the way i sang the song, cant forget the moment i have became a singer for few minutes, after that those uncle keep ask me duet with them with some kind of hokkien song HAHAHA, the problem was i donno hokkien at all. The song really delivered a lot of joy.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dancing in the rain

Last night I went to Lee Hom 2012 concert, this is a 2nd time i attended his concert, overall i will rate it as full marks because the performance is so alive. The whole night was raining so we are a bit off, but the way he sang still making everyone feels hot. The 1st time i went to his concert was 2006, after that i also went to a lot of different concerts included HK & US singers. Overall in my own list Lee Hom is still the number 1 because the things he performed is what i very like to see. I never tell peoples Lee Hom concert is my top ranking, i just can tell them his concert is good & worth to watch. All the while i also very support Lee Hom by buying his Original CD, Like his music is not because the trend of today, need to rap & sing. The reason i like is because the way he express the feeling is loud & clear inside his song. The spirit is inside the song. His look of cos is very commercial, every brand also want to publish his face. Some people will ask do u really need to support with the price ticket or ori cd, for me is yes so that the creativity will live on. Lee Hom is a singer from my teenage time, the pop songs which grow together with me haha.

Conclusion for the concert. Dont ever let him lean the violin on his neck cos it will make him invincible. Dont ever let him have a touch on the piano cos it will make you hold your breath. The appearance is already looks fine but if u let him got the music instrument as a weapon on his hand, unlimited additional marks will be given.