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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Me Against Myself

Some peoples is very paranoid about herself, im not writing a song here. Actually this is a wrong concept. I learned something from a christian book "become a better you". he said: we are the creation of god, everyone is unique, everyone got different strenghts, god created us for reason, everyone got different mission. We cant everytime reminding ourself: No, we cant, im low self esteem, im very insecure, im very lonely, this is all the negative thought. Sex can be a mistake but the god creation is not a mistake. All u have to do is kill all these negative thoughts, dont let all this trash hold u back. Sometimes u may very scare to let people critic about u but why dont u dare to let yourself die 1 time, life is like a gamble, we have to bet 1 round, if we win we'll be happy, if we lose we lose with glory n satisfied heart. I want to buy a positive thinking book for my friend but i've forgotten, sorry bout that. Anyway we should read more positive thinking book like Nick Carter said on the radio. I know by saying & reading is very easy but at least we gotta have the right root to grow the beautiful flowers inside our heart eventually. Some people will accuse until u die but u gotta know how to resurrect & tell them fucker "im still alive".

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