Poland Krakow

Monday, March 12, 2012

Romantic Century 2012

He felt such a waste because the song u liked is ended before he reach your gate, he is wondering just now should he drove faster because he want to share a wonderful atmosphere & situation with u
Every night he had ready some topics which you really like to listen
preparation is something money cant win
The way he performed he just want your complement but no others
performance is not the best but the best is already given
He is a bit angry & disappointed because the expectation is there
expectation may not essential but he gotta do that to make a better u
He is finding solutions to spur you up & he really hope u can make it
Sometimes he may create some challenges to make u grow
Discover your strenght but not digging your weakness
Words of encouragement is never end no matter day or night
Is useless to spend the time just sitting together but rather spend some quality moment
never neglected u because of the plan is planed nicely
Being interested to listen all kind of conversations
Knowing what u need without your realisation
Eventually remember to smile all the time while we are talking to each other.

If all this above is real, Eiffel tower is just nothing.


  1. whoever this 'girl' you're writing to is, she must be very lucky haha.

    1. maybe lately has been listen to only love songs. & like what Lee Hom message: Love, just that simple, if u believe.

  2. yes... good on you! i hope you will find the happiness soon haha. lee hom also said that, " ai, da jia dou xu yau" and the beatles said that "all you need is love"