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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dancing in the rain

Last night I went to Lee Hom 2012 concert, this is a 2nd time i attended his concert, overall i will rate it as full marks because the performance is so alive. The whole night was raining so we are a bit off, but the way he sang still making everyone feels hot. The 1st time i went to his concert was 2006, after that i also went to a lot of different concerts included HK & US singers. Overall in my own list Lee Hom is still the number 1 because the things he performed is what i very like to see. I never tell peoples Lee Hom concert is my top ranking, i just can tell them his concert is good & worth to watch. All the while i also very support Lee Hom by buying his Original CD, Like his music is not because the trend of today, need to rap & sing. The reason i like is because the way he express the feeling is loud & clear inside his song. The spirit is inside the song. His look of cos is very commercial, every brand also want to publish his face. Some people will ask do u really need to support with the price ticket or ori cd, for me is yes so that the creativity will live on. Lee Hom is a singer from my teenage time, the pop songs which grow together with me haha.

Conclusion for the concert. Dont ever let him lean the violin on his neck cos it will make him invincible. Dont ever let him have a touch on the piano cos it will make you hold your breath. The appearance is already looks fine but if u let him got the music instrument as a weapon on his hand, unlimited additional marks will be given.

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