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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Achievement in Life

Just read a book from my friends. I seldom read books. This is a books named: "how to be happy". I dint really read page by page but there's a sentence caught my attention, which is "they happy not because they are success, They success because they are happy". I've been thinking this motto for few days over & over again, the word is very simple but the meaning is very deep, so i gotta dive in deeper to analyse what is this motto. actually what it mean is: A people happy not because they got a lot of money, a people succeeded because they have achieved the happiness inside their heart. Of cos nowadays money is everything//money is not everything. Money categorized our standard. Money can transform to be authority. For the rich people they just try to make the money more & more important or more precious because this is what they have in their hand. But no matter how u calculate money is never enough. Money makes the target higher n higher, when we always cant touch our target line we will never happy that is y rich it doesnt mean u are succeeded. The lifestyle brands: LV, MOET or Apple keep brain washing u, keep reminding u when u using their product, u are in good life. But at the end u are the 1 to find your own good life in the reality.

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