Poland Krakow

Monday, April 24, 2017

Sketch When You Are Feeling Sorrow.

I had abandoned this drawing 3 months ago. It is time to give him a closure. Just to make sure all the doubts would be ceased and finally I can address this drawing with the name of Pierce Brosnan.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Evangelical Mission

Hold it tight, so that nothing can come between
you and your God and to ensure no spirits of fear,
 lie, hatred, jealousy and lust could penetrate
into your fist.
Church is a very big community and we are staying in this community as a big family under the arms of The Redeemer. In this big family we have to love one another, care for each other. Its not about showing how intelligent we are, competing between each other and hiding our weaknesses so that we can look better and stronger. Its always a challenge for me to love the people around me. Sometimes they are too scared to tell the truth and speak out their difficulties. Last week a senior asked me what is spiritually good about you. I didn't know how to answer because I had never come across this kind of question. I told him I'm a good man, I think I'm a kind person. Sometimes I will over demand on people around me until I hurt their feelings unintentionally. Maybe I still haven't figured it out how to love people tenderly. I told that Senior sometimes I do love until I hurt and feel despair but no matter what we still have to love because that's the mission from God. No matter how worse is the relationship/friendship we must reconcile with each other before the sunset. No matter I able or not able to comprehend His will, I have to try my very best to fulfill it because eventually it will not lead me to the a wrong path. We seriously need the spirit of solidarity in this community to make us strong. If we cannot even love this big family members how are we going to go out there and proclaim the good news of God to those who haven't heard and seen Him before? How are we going to fulfill the evangelical mission which is given by the kingdom of heaven? We have to use our actions to tell the truth but not hypocrisy. We have to live out our Faith loudly but not shyly. We must brave enough to express our love. Only truth can set us free from what is binding us. Only truth can save us from sin but not lie. Finally, be not afraid to speak the truth.