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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Song With Love.

WOW !!! Andrea plays piano really sounds gracefully. The moment he plays piano definitely will be the most handsome man on earth. This song belongs to 2007. It was so perfect to collaborate with Kenny G. Very in love with this song lately. When I look into this song then i realised this song lyrics & music were written by Andrea Bocelli. I read thru the lyrics that Andrea wrote, it makes me feel that his world was just like in a fantasy dream with deep imagination feeling. The way he express this song was so incredible its hard to describe. The way he drags his voice just leave u with imagination, so hypnotized. I have known Italy was very good in music since small boy, because they knew about music like many years ago. Last time i learned piano a lot of pieces were from Italy as well. If i was Andrea's examiner for the vocal exam, I definitely will give him a full mark, no kidding. Because from the classical music class everything was very strict, u have to follow their dynamic, speed, climax, style, their century, their phrase & a lot more, im not expert with all these "performance directions". Its not the matter u like to follow or not is the matter u able to follow or not, because its not easy to fulfill. I can hear that Andrea song is very completed with all these things & he even can perform it very very obvious which is not an easy mission. He is too awesome to have the man voice, that's y he collaborates with female will be classic. We got our eye but we are influence by some pic, We got ear but we are influence with dirty music, we got mouth but we dare not sing. Is pathetic Andrea cannot see, but this incident makes him even stronger in expressing himself, expressing his music. This blind makes his imagination goes wider ... Is so blessed to have this angel voice. Very very appreciate & salute Andrea at this age still can perform the best to us.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Kids

My mother says her grandson is very sentimental, his godfather would say he is a hyper kid & naughty boy. A kid can be very sensitive & observant due to he is on the learning stage, He knows what u doing but u may not know what he's thinking. He will ask you why by time to time. They cant talk very well but they can imitate very well. The way they communicate is to express their feeling or show expression. He don't know Monday to Sunday but he will know u were missing for few days, maybe they judged day by the sun & the moon. Kid is very cheerful & charming, They will address u whenever or wherever with their smile. Sometimes u may mad at him but u will feel guilty for few nights because its so ashamed for an adult to angry with a 3 years old kid.

Last Friday night we were dinner at my sister house, my nephew was so happy due to it is a new place to discover. When it comes to say goodbye. He shows a sad face to my sister. Along the journey home he dint say a word maybe he felt complicated. When he reached home then he realized his parents wasn't home yet. He insisted to wait for his mom downstairs but after a while he came up to me. When i switch off the light he ran out of my room, he said he scared. He decided to sleep on the staircase corridor, he leaned his head against his pet cow n lying on the floor. His eye fill with sadness & curve his month down. Suddenly i realized a kid waiting for his parents is a very difficult mission for them. this kid still got parents to wait for. What about the kid is waiting for no one due to their parent is not coming back anymore. The heart keep waiting for some one. Flash back to the old time when my father was drinking with his friends, i keep telling him i wanted to go home eventually i wait for the last bottle waited for few hours. One of the uncle like me very much, he always treats me as his pet but he was gone too soon. Everytime i heard the song B tribe- you wont see me cry, it will recall me another uncle, so co incidence he likes the same song as me due to he keep repeating the same song while driving in KK, He's the 1 who send me to register Rahman College, I dont have money to pay at that time & without hesitation he helped me to pay it. I was feeling very thankful & hope to buy him a dinner, but sadly he has gone too far away now. I remember he is very funny & very protect his daughters. They are still on my mind because the love they used to contribute.

Eventually i hope the parents can sacrifice their interesting activity & be more responsible to their kid. Got to know what is the 1st priority. They might be waiting for you until they felt asleep. Or maybe they cry themself to sleep.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Makes A Man Of Steel

Time to reveal the story since many peoples had watched the Superman. I personally very like this movie "man of steel 2013". This movie which i wish to bring my parents to watch it because it got the family & moral value. Their ideas & concept making this movie was so unpredictable. Actually a superman movie we dont really need to know who's his parents because it's not really important. But dint know when it applied on the movie make it shines brilliantly. We all know that he is a superman even though he with or without his parents. I like his father Jonathan Kent played a very important role in his life by always giving him some wisdom words. He always asks him to wait patiently, it's still not the right time to expose your super power because he wants him to carry something heavier in the future. Clark Kent was implemented with human feelings. I like the part Jonathan said maybe u should just let them die to prevent they know who u really are. But i never knew that the "them" will be his father Jonathan, he let himself die in a tornado incident due to he wanted to protect his son identity. Jonathan knows Clark gonna make it big 1 day although he dont have the chance to see it right on his face. From the old time Jonathan has been watching him grow up day by day & he knows Clark will be a superman in the future. Is kind of sad when Clark deny Jonathan was his father & Jonathan admit that he wasn't, at the same moment Jonathan sacrificed his life due to his leg was too painful to run. The feeling was really very guilty without a chance to say sorry & goodbye. Thats y he keeps his father's faith until today no matter how powerful he is. Jonathan was his good father also a hero. I like Kal El asked his father Jor El did u take the codex, Jor El dint answer his question & straight away asked him hit on the left wall, Jor El said i wanted to build a bridge between u & human, Look at your left, go & save her, I know you can save the world too. Jor El was a very calm man who can see things very far as well. About her mother Martha Kent was a very strong woman, no matter his son is superman she still dying to protect him, She said anything can be replace but my son cant be replaced. Even though he is an adopted son, they really got the love & patient with him because they believe in him without seeing the outcome.

They said to produce a good sword must burn it with the hot flame while beating it with a hammer. A good Diamond have to dig deep enough to get it. A good gold doesnt scared of flame. This is what a man of steel make of, they brought him up with passion & love, thats the reasons he can become a super awesome man with something inside. A man who doesnt scared of fire, A man with human feelings, A man who is a guardian & protector. Maybe thats the way they complete his destiny. For my point of view maybe thats the reason why they call it: "man of steel" cos we need time to produce a good n beautiful steel.

Eventually I like the info that they delivered, left us with no curiosity. The message of this movie was very positive as well. I like the opening & the perfect ending. How they set the climax & how they slow it down sentimentally. Actually I was there to see superman fly around on earth but never know the deep feeling impact hit me badly. I will rate this movie as Super Excellent. A very inspiring movie.

"Because I'm Iron Man."

Iron Man 3
I drew this randomly last night because my nephew wanted me to draw he turned on my drawing drive. He warmed my engine and produced something good. I just an ordinary student in the college. I drew this at the right time because I have to post it when my friend is not producing any art work. He got the hand of god. He can draw whatever he likes and his drawing can speak his mind. So if we post at the same time, my drawing will be over shadowed. I not the person who really knows how to tell if it is a good drawing or bad. I got many friends are very good in drawing. I remember Kok Sean taught me before when u are drawing you, you need to imagine. You can't fully rely on the reference, what he said was right. When you come to a very dark reference, some of the angles is hard to draw, Some parts you need to simplify it due to it is too complicated, all these are base on your imagination how you plan to draw it. He is my Guru. I love Iron Man 3's posters. Many of their posters are very nice in layout and color. I like those photos with some kind of smell in it, it attracts me to draw it. For me I would like to draw a person's characteristic. People with some wrinkles would be more interesting to draw. Eventually I'm not the best in drawing but im thankful to God that I have the passion in drawing.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Most Gorgeous Man/Movie 2013

Sorry, I have watched Man Of Steel 2013. If u ask me who is the most handsome man on the planet for sure i will say Superman Kal El. I dont know why i was so cant wait to watch that movie. I didnt expect is a good movie & it gives me a star struck. Im sure this is the best movie of 2013 now i dont feel like watching other movie anymore... The fighting really looks like our childhood "Dragon Ball", but is really what i wanted to see. Superman was my childhood movie, now they have transformed into some deep feeling movie. I extremely love this movie, the most impressed thing was the feeling n the flow were done beautifully. Russel Crowe was so awesome as a superman's father. Really a big different by using the oscar actor, The way Russell speak to his son, the way he teaches people what to do was so calm & steady man. He is very cool cos he wants to blend in human feelings in his son. The front part he & his wife risk their life to save his son was really compassion. Russel got a kind looking in the movie. For Kevin Costner was really a very loving man, He is a hero for Clark Kent. His sacrifice really sad. Everytime they show Kevin Costner part it will slow the whole movie down & suddenly became very sentimental, this was the beautiful part i very salute. Kent's wife who is superman earth mom was a very good guardian, she asks Clark only focus on her even the world is so big, make your world small. Very very impressive the way she asked him to stay focus, the way she wants her son to be good even though she was afraid to lose him. Anyway this movie really plays with deep feeling when it flashback the old time. A must watch movie. Dont miss it.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Inspired Persons

Lately I have watched some interview shows by Pierce Brosnan, never know that he is kind of inspired person. Everyone says his old nowadays. The most respect & most appreciate parts are: How he walks to the 60 & he is in the big 60 but he is still on track with his career & a very healthy & positive person. I read a book "Tuesday with Morie". Somebody asked Morie if u got a chance to go back 20+ years old, would u? He said: No. I wouldn't, because that is what i have experienced & achieved & I'm ready to achieve & contribute more in the coming days.

These days were really hard for me, When u dont know what to do for the next step all u can do is keep the faith.
All these hard time is making us crazy all we can do is dont give up with our fight.
Sometimes just feel like running away & stay in a cave to have the simple kind of life.
Stress will make your emotion upside down. sometimes u happy. sometimes u cry. sometimes u are empty. sometimes scared yourself to wake up.

Some friends said im choosy. Maybe i am. I need to judge myself 1st then i can tell the answer. Some peoples say: is not just u choosing peoples, but others are choosing u as well, means that u chose them but doesnt mean u will be accepted. everyone is choosing here n there. Some peoples dont choose because they are very generous. Let me think, most of my friends are from my secondary school classmate, college classmate & work colleagues. I think i am not so choosy because all these group is not formed or arranged by me. Of cos there will be some of very special classmates that will make me like them. Or maybe i can see something in them. or i found they are very inspiring. Or i specially wanted to express my love to them. If i wanted to treat u good i will not care who u are. If im choosy i can go to other classes to know some cool peoples but i never do this in my life. I dont get to know people because they are handsome or pretty. Because my looking is secure enough why i still have to choose friends with nice looking or rich??

Some peoples said im very judgmental. Yes THIS IS SURE!!! from antic time until today peoples still saying im very judgmental. Because im very good in judging what is good & what is bad. Some peoples tattoo "only god can judge me". HAHA its ok. Some people is telling lie & punching woman n then just throw out a song "dont judge me" isnt it stupid ??? I dont mind to judge by people as long as they are not giving a false info or condemn words, as long as they are telling the truth to give u a wake up call. If no people judge, who's gonna know what is good or bad? What if a drug addict tells u not to judge him? then we just keep quiet?? Anyway, Now then i know im a very judgmental person... im getting to know myself more. thanks for the info.

Eventually I like peoples who are positive & very inspired & with human feeling. I feel this is very important for my life because they will be a reminder or role model for u.

It Is Time To Be The King

Cant believe the taste of the herbal "Bak Kut Teh" with heavy garlic smell in my mouth havent gone but the chef is gone. That afternoon I was there & i dint know that it will be the last time. The man with the surname of King asked me: Hey, Do u want some carlsberg beers, I said yes & sure with no resist & i will automatic take it from the refrigerator if i wasn't enough. Suddenly all these memories had turn into black & white. I was sleeping when my friend sent me this sad news when i saw it in the morning i suddenly felt cold for few seconds not because im scared but its heart breaking. I don't know why this will happened to my friend. Maybe like what they said: Man cannot live long without a woman because woman play a very important role in man's life. Everything seems fine that day but the sadness is buried underneath the eye. Smiling but is close to tears. Another thing was family's problems is very heart breaking & headache because things are out of control with involving people you do not like. I'm very glad that my friend is very positive & with a very thankful heart. No matter how hard is the situation stay positive & stay in love. I think it is time to take over the king's place because u are the only 1. Sometimes we have to strong enough to lost, this lost will make us strong. We cant change what have happened because nothing stay forever, the thing would stay forever is the love he/she ever gave. Eventually Im still thinking to eat the homemade bak kut teh in the coming days because it was awesome & homemade dish is invincible. Homemade dish is always the dish with family loves. Is possible someday somebody's son can cook me the same 1 because like father like son. & i kind of respect someone who can cooks.... FIN.