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Sunday, June 9, 2013

It Is Time To Be The King

Cant believe the taste of the herbal "Bak Kut Teh" with heavy garlic smell in my mouth havent gone but the chef is gone. That afternoon I was there & i dint know that it will be the last time. The man with the surname of King asked me: Hey, Do u want some carlsberg beers, I said yes & sure with no resist & i will automatic take it from the refrigerator if i wasn't enough. Suddenly all these memories had turn into black & white. I was sleeping when my friend sent me this sad news when i saw it in the morning i suddenly felt cold for few seconds not because im scared but its heart breaking. I don't know why this will happened to my friend. Maybe like what they said: Man cannot live long without a woman because woman play a very important role in man's life. Everything seems fine that day but the sadness is buried underneath the eye. Smiling but is close to tears. Another thing was family's problems is very heart breaking & headache because things are out of control with involving people you do not like. I'm very glad that my friend is very positive & with a very thankful heart. No matter how hard is the situation stay positive & stay in love. I think it is time to take over the king's place because u are the only 1. Sometimes we have to strong enough to lost, this lost will make us strong. We cant change what have happened because nothing stay forever, the thing would stay forever is the love he/she ever gave. Eventually Im still thinking to eat the homemade bak kut teh in the coming days because it was awesome & homemade dish is invincible. Homemade dish is always the dish with family loves. Is possible someday somebody's son can cook me the same 1 because like father like son. & i kind of respect someone who can cooks.... FIN.

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