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Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Spirit of 8th May 2013//Black 505 Kelana Stadium

Our General Election had just over. I heard many peoples cried about the result. I personally very devastated & heart broken when i knew we didnt make it for this 5 years 1 time election. Very disappointed our place is filled with lies. Air is so polluted with the sin of cheating. Is so hard for us to see the clean & clear blue sky due to it is blocked with this kind of dirty haze. All the sacrifices & hard works were so wasted.

When they announce 8th May 2013 will be a gathering at Kelana Jaya, I feel that I need to go due to i have a kind of unsolved mystery in my heart because i dont understand how & why we lost this battle. Many of the rumors are spreading unnecessary news like: dont go, it will be very dangerous. It is illegal. Some peoples really no gut. They donno what is the justice. They dont know what is fight for your right. Some peoples may said its already the fate nothing much we can do, so is this a give up or what? I will not obey with these kind of lies because it is so wrong & misleading. Damn the lies. Damn the corruption. If your money is almighty u better go to bribe the god in the end of time.

Last night the experience was really awesome, you will never ever see this huge number of peoples in a stadium even whatever mega actor or singer is there, cos no 1 can beat our Malaysia's heroes, I was so glad to see them. I love their contribution, their never give up spirit, their passion, their fight, their confident, their impact, their sacrifice to society really touched peoples heart, their positive thought is so convinced. They are really my super stars i even go to like all their facebook pages. I personally like Anwar, Nurul & Lim, when they appeared everyone goes crazy. Their speech was really full of force, their really fit to become a captain, They have gone thru many hard days to serve the society.

I was so happy & so touched when i knew Lim & Anwar took a motorbike here due to 1 whole malaysia is going to the same Kelana Stadium, both of them contribute until they old really respect & salute. I saw Lim's hand was wrapped with clothes maybe he got some minor injured but thanks god he still got the spirit & urge to visit us. Along the way was really stuck until cant move anymore. The rain dint stop anyone. I really can feel the passion & the spirit. It really delivers a very strong message to us: dont give up. The peoples keep coming just to support even no one will get a single sen, this is what we want. Everyone supported so much, just to be there even though rumors said it will be dangerous.

They end the night with our national anthem. 1st time in life sang negara ku with 200 000++ Malaysians, really unforgettable. Suddenly all the crowd stop moving but singing. Everyone seems respect to the country. Do it for the country we love. Do it for the Rakyat.

Eventually we dint win the battle. But with what i saw last night, we all already have the answer in our heart. Our fight is undefeated. All the peoples will getting stronger & stronger. YES !!! Keep the spirit going on.


  1. damn...now it makes me felt like i don't have malaysian spirit because i was not there to attend this historical rally haha. anyway, like!

    1. YES !!! I was so inspired by our positive guru's spirit. That night the situation was very inspired as well. This is how this post made of.