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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Man's Best Friend//A Pet With Love 2013

They said man's best friend is dog. Unfortunately my favorite dog had just passed away last Saturday. This dog was with us for 13 years since Y2K. He is browny sibling but he lives 1 year longer than browny. I know these days he is very ill due to he is old. His body swelled because of some sickness. I knew he is leaving soon but it still very hard for me to except the truth. Last Sat i was still very happy attending A free buffet karaoke which is a friend's friend birthday party. When my mom message me the bad news in that party, i was suddenly a bit moody, i suddenly cannot predict my emotion & i was 100% sober that time. I suddenly dont know how should i feel at that moment by staring the dead corpse of my pet. I still able to talk to my friend for a while. After that i feel like quiet for a while although the situation is very happening. Eventually when i slow down myself i started to cry like unstoppable. Hope i dint embarrass anyone because the other peoples dont know what had happened to me. I know i scared my friend, she knew what was happened. She said crying means that u still a real human. After that i chose to go out to the staircase if not i will be the spotlight of that night. The most pity thing is face the wall to release your tears & no tissue to wipe. The staffs over there thought im crazy. I felt my dog is very loyal to me. He is with me no matter we are poor or rich. happy or sad. Dog is very faithful. Plus this is the most handsome dog that i ever had. Sure he got some status in my heart. I cant accept this happened but i still have to. Felt glad & blessed that i have such a good memories with him. Jogging outside with family. Help them to create their name. Help them to bath. Feed them daily. Miss that stunning eye he used to stare at me. Is a very noisy dog which my father always scolded him but now i can only hear that barking noise in my heart. Is not about how branded is this dog but is about the contribution he ever gave till the end. My precious pet & memories. A pet with love.

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