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Friday, May 3, 2013


Nowadays the social network is flood with politic stories. Thats great, thats mean everyone is very concerning about their own country's future. We've been talking about politics day & night night & day is like non stop hit due to just 4 days left. Everyone is traveling home to rescue their hometown just like some kind of super hero with true justice in their hand. I very love & appreciated this kind of moment. The urge. The fight. The impact. The speed. The rush. The tears. I was very very touched by Anwar, Lim Guan Eng & Lim Kit Siang effort, of cos there are some politician i follow on facebook. They did something very impact & hard works. They run state by state just to give the speech to the citizen, to gain support, to give their point of views. They go everywhere just to speak the truth. U may still hearing the old tactic ways by saying who who who is very racist. This is such an outdated lies. Acting & lying just the waste of your life. Everyday the banknote that we are using is still the same agong head & we are not racist. We need someone who is positive n can really unite everyone. To help them is to set them free from corruption. A man told me, we do not hate them, we just hate the action they did. Dont be scared to tell the truth, if u know the truth dont keep it to yourself but share it with your friends. Last week gospel Jesus asked us: go & love 1 & another just like i loved u. So its the time to love 1 & another. Of cos we dont have Jesus kind of love & forgiving heart. We can always learn to love just for a simple reason. I think some peoples have lost the spirit of competition. Win the battle with glory. let the opponent lose with satisfaction in their heart. Who win or lose we will still have our life, we will still have our job, we still have to survive. What we wanna stop was the dirty corruption which will ruin our country badly. The wrong practice have to be killed immediately. Support & pray for this election. May the force be with us always. It is time & ini kali lah.

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