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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Goodbye

courtesy photo by telegraph.co.uk
Oh. How sweet is this photo. James Bond was holding an umbrella for his darling daughter, to make it thru the rain together. Just got a sad news from youtube. Pierce Brosnan's daughter has died of Ovarian cancer. Can see that the family sibling & parents were very devastated. They shoot some sibling photos before she left, the happiness of those photos really break people's heart. Read from the news that all of them were there for her at the London Hospital before she gone. Pierce Brosnan was forced to stop his work for a while due to this tragedy. Pierce's heart was very heavy to lose her lovely darling daughter. Can see that pierce was a very good family man or father. Impact should be very big for him just like the same tragedy happened again. 1st it took away his 1st wife now his wife's daughter. A lot of Pierce's co-stars tweet messages to show love. Pierce said: My darling daughter has passed on to eternal life, pray for my daughter. Pierce throws himself back to work again because they are shooting a big production half way, the crews cant wait too long. The charming man dint make any smile during the shooting. Its really difficult to work with this kind of situation when the heart is so complicated & unsettled. God bless their family.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Freedom 2.0

The 1st freedom is purely written by me, but this time is something very special from a very special man. I heard this from last Sunday. A man said when he was 18 years old, He hurt his leg seriously in an accident until he has to sit on the wheel chair for few months. This accident has turned this young man into an angry frustrated man. One night he has a dinner with his uncle. His uncle was talking about he can fries an ice cream. But this young man was too ignition & too aggressive, he found that is not logic at all how can a cold ice cream fried with the hot oil. He straight away cut in his uncle conversation by saying your word is not logic at all. The uncle get so angry & telling him off: u don't be so arrogant, if i wasn't your uncle i would have turned this table up side down. That moment the young man was very very pissed off as well. After few months then he found out actually a frozen ice cream dip with frying flour was possible to fry but this truth dint calm him down. Each time he met his uncle his whole body's muscle will get very tensed because the anger & unforgiveness were deep inside of him. This hurt from the past just make him so difficult to get close with anyone. He was so isolated due to he can't stop carrying the pain. His life was so restricted because he has lost his freedom. The past & the hurt keep holding him back just like locked under the spell. 1 day it was raining heavily outside & this young man was waiting alone for the bus suddenly a calling has waken him up. He realised it was so suffered to carry this kind of hurt from his past & its so hard for him to let go. He cant stop crying for few days. He decided to get heal, he takes up the rosary & prayed for few months. After 6 months, He coincidentally met the uncle that he mad at, without any hesitation he go over & hug him. After all they have became best friend until today. Sometimes conflicts happened for some reasons, it gets each other closer than before.

As a conclusion. If we dont have the freedom is very hard for us to hear the calling. The calling what u want to be, the calling what are you going to be. If we are not free from hurt & anger everything will be so restricted & keeping us away from excel. Eventually, lets pray for the freedom. We cant change the pass but we can pray for the coming future.