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Monday, December 29, 2014

Self Indulgence

Set yourself free from smoke.
Set yourself free from being a drunkard.
Set yourself free from being a glutton.
Set yourself free from sex.
Set yourself free from drugs.
Set yourself free from piercing.
Set yourself free from abusing your body.
Set yourself free from hating yourself & the others.
Set yourself free from anger.
Pray & Fight for your freedom.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Have Yourself A Peaceful Christmas

Some people say we are chasing the time. Ken said we are racing with time. Some say 1 year older 1 year wiser. But 1 thing for sure: you will feel the time is running faster when you are getting older. For us we got no choice we hope the time can go faster so that we can get the salary end of the month faster, that's life.

December is moving like the speed of light. They say Dec is the most beautiful time in the year, many people are anticipating for this month to come, they say this is a month for holiday, some say this is a month to enjoy. Some say this is a month to gather with the close friends & family. Everyone will feel a bit different because the impact of December.

For I personally feel that this month is very meaningful its because at 1st we step into the name of Hope, n then Love, n the week of Joy & into the name of Peace, we are walking thru each week meaningfully & lastly we step into the name of Christmas day & the Christ was born. This is also a time for us to renew of passport of faith so that we can move on without hole leaking. In the week of Love, I was very happy because we got the chance to sing our hymns our Christmas songs in a shopping mall, We sing it not in my way, not your way, not his way but in god's way that's why it was very best & they called it beautiful. We got the chance to spread the good news that's what they always saying in the church.

The Journey to Christmas was really long, the journey to wrap up the 2014 was really gain yourself a lot of life experience, Just like life on a high way which I had written before. The due date will be 25th of Dec, you are on the way to see the new born baby, even its raining heavily you just have to drive very fast to reach the stable before its too late. you have to risk your life to over take others because life without risk will be very dim & boring will be no achieving as well, your car may break down when you are sick just like F1 halfway changing tyres, you need to recover fast & boost back to the track, in the high way u may come to a lot of unknown circumstances' junction or choices, you are allowed to go wrong by turning in but don't forget that's always an u turn to get back to the right track that's y they said back for good, U may slip because of the raining water or even being banged by another car, u will have to carry these scar & phobia on your way but you got to know, nothing can stop you. The problem is not about number 1 or number last, its about did u finish the track eventually.

It is time again to conclude the 2014, I have very few of post in 2014 due to I used my time to rest instead of writing, thats why the productions are very limited. Dont want to say I'm very busy because busyness make us blind, in the end you will find yourself neglected many people. A lot of people will feel better to let people know that they are very occupied & busy, sometime I really don't understand whats the meaning behind of doing that. Why we have to live in someone else's life? Why we have to worry how people feel about us?

Some good questions in 2014
what you have been doing? (asked by a long time no see friend)
I answered: I've been busy drinking in a bar, talking with friend to find out some inspiration & idea, basically what I've written are the ideas which I got daily from the people I met.

I told a mid age friend money is not everything, he said what about use the money to do charity?
I replied I would prefer your presence, I would prefer your work & action, I would prefer you to come every week for support instead of just paying money. We may think the man was very kind because he donated a big money but we never knew he's a thieve in the daily job. That's why I'm here every week to support, here to sing, although I made a lot of mistakes in the songs, in a team we will never failed.

Something to learn in 2014
Mr Dictionary. Please define people who love mighty & power. Answer: people who destroy & they are people in fear.
Don't tolerate him/her but respect her/him.
Its not about your success its about how you handle your failure.

Something different about this Christmas.
I play a part in the choir for Christmas mass

A friend said another year has gone without doing anything right, but at least we still in the game still in the track we still get to see each other sometime, our family not doing the best but doing fine, we still very safe & peace, these have already very blessed & more than an achievement.

Oh. By the way. Forgot to tell you why drove so fast to the stable, beside visiting the new born baby we also receive the peace from Jesus thats why we call it a season of advent. Wish everyone a very blessed & very merry Christmas. God bless those who are in the flood at East Coast. May the peace be with u & spread the good news.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

May The Faith Be With You.

I just went to a retreat 1 month ago. Its a church retreat. I gain a lot of friendship from there, it makes me feel closer with all my church members. The compliments that I had received really makes me want to cry. A young man asked me: Ivan you are a young man, you should be very busy with your own activity, but I glad that u has chosen god. Yeah, what he said was right. I always think that im a very wise man because I have chosen god, when u have god u can leave all your fear or problem to the god, why I need to be so stupid to bare this kind fear & problems alone, I really think its unnecessary. Sometime I really feel very disappointed for those who lost their faith in god, they decided to walk alone, maybe they started to have a good or rich money life, Or maybe something disaster happened to them so they blame on god. Everyone life got up & down, I think that is the climax & most amazing part of our life, I can tell you a life without problem will be very boring. I think from my experience when problem occurs in money, in emotions, in something bad or good, in relationship, I never really think of leaving the church, When I have career or financial problem all I can think its I should keep my holy spirit stronger & ask god for guidance. I remember got 1 time I pray until I cried, I tell god I have already very sick of this kind game, I very sick of stagnant in this same old stage for years, I tell god with that amount of money how can I excel? God please let me be the man u want me to be, please let me be the captain, let me be the leader, I said I would like to handle a bigger game now but without you all my power will be very limited, I said I need a collaboration with you, I need you to carry me when im sick, that's y got no point to leave god because he is the only 1 who's free to rely. Of course when I was in my hard day my family members very supported in me because they very believe in me & I very believe in myself & I believe in god, hard day wont last long. I very glad sometime I can stay very positive, I always ask myself why should I scared if the god is with me, I always remind myself why should I be unhappy if the god is be with me. No matter how hard is my day is just because my demand is too high, if I was born in Iraq I will be more pity, but if those people living in Iraq also can find happiness then u should ask yourself why are you unhappy, isn't because your country got no war? you should ask yourself why they got the wisdom to turn the happy to joy, its something really deep. I remember a mother Teresa story, When they are about to lunch, she finds out they have no food left & a lot of children are waiting for her, she straight say a prayer to god, after few minutes a man came & donate the food for the children, from there u can see the faith in her, she lives with no fear, she didn't even bother to borrow somebody's hand phone to call who or someone who drives Bentley or Benz, She is really a very inspired woman. Sometime I really feel I'm a very talented person, sometime I very scared god will take away the talent from me but im very sure even though I continue to sin or arrogant the god wont take away the talent from me because he will never ask for return, only human will ask for return, with his kindness & passion we should try to do our best. That day we went back from HK due to over bought the wines we are being stopped for investigate, we are a bit panic we were thinking to run away, from that incident I feel that we should look at Jesus, he knows the people will come to crucify him & get him killed, he just waited them to come, he didn't think of anyway to escape, that's the very good example of "face your problem". Let me ask you, you like a man who will stand out to face the problem or a man who is wise in escaping?

Eventually without god we can be very happy but lost, without god im just a alcohol addict, without god I got no one to rely, that's y no matter how lost I am I keep coming back to him. Only god can give u peace Only god can give you something infinity, only god can boost my talent to the max. I will never stop asking for more because he can handle that kind of mega volume. By the way I hope I can collaborate with god till the end of time, I do my best & he do the rest.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


By the way, "Passion" is a very deep word, just like an unsolved mystery. I find over and over from the dictionary but I just don't get the answer that I want, I know many people out there are still very uncertain with this word because it has too many definitions. All I can do is find out the meaning of this word from the people I meet, through my encounters and what I had been told.

Some say passion is love.
Some say passion is a fire.
Some say passion of Christ.
Some say passion is a feeling.
Some say passion is an album of Andrea Bocelli.

If passion is love, why don't we say I passion you?
If passion is a fire, why don't they say the passion burns down the forest?
If it is the passion of Christ, why don't we call church as passion?
If passion is a feeling, then should I say I have the passion for eating this burger?
If passion is an album of Andrea Bocelli, what does he want to express?

There is no right or wrong and I would like to share my point of view here. Few months ago I met up with my best friend, He was stressed out. He said nowadays the younger generation "got no passion for money." Then I said: "Sorry, do you mean by making fast money?" There is no short cut in life. In real life we must contribute our work and service before we get paid. To produce a good work we must have the passion in doing it, just like what they say "love what you do and do what you love." Only a good work can demand for a good pay. It would barely for you to excel if you got no passion in your work, the process would be like just the sake of doing it, without any fun or joy. Passion needs to be practiced day by day. Passion is a fire, we have to keep it burning by adding in the charcoal. If you say your passion is money, it would be like you straight away jump to conclusion and the process/progress is missing? Some people say money can make you happy. Yes it does make us happy but what if one day we are no longer using money, then is it all of our happiness and passion would fall immediately? Sometime why you find that it is very boring with your job, high posibility its because you have no passion for this job. I remembered one man asked me have you ever thought of become a boss one day, I answered him I would like to become a boss in the future, it's part of my dream, but it's not now, I think I'm not mature enough to be a boss right now, I give u some examples: if you don't even know how to be a good employee then how will u know how to be a good boss. 2nd example: If u don't even know how to handle 10 dollar how will you know how to handle 10,000 dollar. I would say if I were a boss now, my money would be abused and money will abuse me when I couldn't handle it. Sometime we need to find a job which we have the passion in doing it, not because the high salary and come home complaining everyday. Sometime we got no choice because of the high expenses commitment therefore we force ourselves to love our job hahaha. My friends are very kind, they kept recommending the jobs for me, I appreciate that a lot. I told them that's not what I wanted to do and they said the pay was good. I'm not a small boy anymore, I really hope I can do the job I love. A job which I really can apply my passion. If you got passion in doing that thing u wouldn't mind repeat it everyday.

Money is very important but Passion plays the important part as well. Money could not last long but passion could last till the end of time. You can use your passion to earn a living if you are wise enough. I told a friend I got a lot of passion in music, honestly I kinda like to talk about music, teach music, listen to music. I like to teach music despite some students do let me scold until they cry. but I still love my job because I got the passion in doing it, Big/small Problems do occur sometime but at least I still got the reason to carry on with this job. Passion drove me to do it even though I only had 1 student last time. If I only thinking of big volume of students my passion would have died at the first place. My imagination: A passion can really burn up a forest if your fire is big enough. A passion can really save the world if u got the passion of Christ. A passion can really stop the world and feel the romance if u got the passion like Andrea Bocelli's voice.

Passion is the thing that you will do it unconditionally, My friends show me what is a passion, they draw everyday without anyone paying them, I saw the passion in Mother Teresa, her passion for serving the poor without benefit. Sometimes it is not easy, even doing the things I like, it gives me so much pressures and challenges. Even I have the passions for writing, drawing, singing and teaching I still feel that it is not good enough. Until I saw this quote by Mother Teresa "not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love." It touched and enlighten me. It humbled me as well. The question is not how good you are, its about how much love you dedicate to your service.

Let's sing with the passion of Andrea Bocelli.
Let's draw with the passion of Michaelangelo.
Let's stand the pain with the passion of Christ.
Let's love with the Passion of Mother Teresa.
Let's live your life with passion.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Sing, We Joke, We Laugh With The Good Old Friends.

It was my friend's wedding dinner few days ago, a friend who I knew year 2002, cant believe we just spent few months together, after 12 years he called me again & telling me his big day will be happening on Sept 25th 2014, I felt kind of proud & happy to be invited because maybe he really treat me as a friend even though so long without contacting me, or maybe his people is not enough that's why I'm invited hahahha whatever.

About the dinner it's very hard to describe with word, I just can say we were full of joy that night among our old friends. I think physically we have changed a lot but mentally we still see each other the same, same level, just like how we saw & felt each other like the old time. The after effect of the party left a lot of joy in our heart. Time passes so fast, last time we were just 19 years old, we were just started to gambling & teach each other how to smoke, you wont know how dump we used to be, some evil friend will say your mom is not around no worry to try a stick of cigarette hahahahhaha. We will squat down & smoke in the school shop lot's corridor & being chased away by discipline lecturer & the long hair was never passed for enter the exam room. I remember Ramlee burger was our supper & do you remember the time we drank Teh Tarik in a Diesel gas station which people used to park lorries, Do u still remember the time was still selling 7 stick or 10 stick cigarette pack. Do u still remember Water fall & genting highland adventure. Do u still remember wait bus outside the public toilet. Do u still remember play snooker upstairs the KFC. These kind of memory will forever last in our mind because it was our 1st adventure to left home to Pahang Karak.

Basically all of us has stopped smoking, but because of this reunion occasion & without informing each other, everyone of us automatically go to buy a pack of cigarette, its really funny, I think we physically try to do something similar which we did together in the Tar college. In our team before smoke you have to announce if not will be fired with "bo jio". Luckily at the closing time we managed to sing 2 karaoke songs the 2 songs which everyone knows how to sing. After we have took all the gathering pics, I took 2 bottles of beer & continue our lepak downstairs. I know all of us hope the world can stop for a while just to let us talk cock sing song or let us have some more drinks or a few more smoke together but too bad tomorrow everyone have to work.

On the way home the messages were very busy & hot
Fat Brian said: I love you guys & u guys always the best.
Loo said: Very enjoy tonight, thanks, Ivan please write this on your blog.
Ivan: I feel very happy brothers. Thanks for the wonderful night.
Hao is always as usual: if u want to punch me, make sure your fist is hard enough to punch the street pole.(he is out of his mind always)

It is not hard for us to go back to the same old place where we 1st met but the saddest things are the people & places will not be the same anymore. I really very enjoy although same old jokes are repeated but it makes everyone laughs. Some say the moment in karak was the best, maybe because that time we still haven't got any responsible & commitment, anyway no matter where we are, where we used to be it doesn't matter, we all got a stand in each other heart now, no matter hows the future going to be, our friend ship just like a seed i hope it grows fruitfully & bloom with a lot of colorful flowers in our coming days. I cant stop saying I was very enjoy that night & I even thank my mom for arranged me there, what a wonderful stepping stone in my life. Anyway, I know u guys talk about next meet up is all bullshit, make sure you guys really action & work on it !!! hahaha.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

What Is Your Strength // What Is Your Weakness ?

So he asks what is your strength? Social.
I had faced this question 8 years ago, now this question comes to me again? Is this a typical question, can u guys ask me something new? Basically i found that my strength is drinking, singing, talk nonsense. Last time i dared not sell my kind of culture to them due to what i liked cannot apply in a real life job, I tried to research "what is my strength" on the internet so that i can give them a make sense answer but somehow i tend to forget it easily because i dislike ideal answer.
Ok. After gone thru so many failure interviews, i decided to sell my kind of culture although it doesnt relate to the working field. I said: My strength is social. My social life is very strong, i found that not everyone can do this but me. I can keep in touch with all my old friends or new friends or even friend's friend. Many of them will ask me why dont u sell insurance since your have no network breakdown with anyone. I told them that wasnt my style to sell insurance. Im a very outgoing person everyday i like to meet up with people, maybe thats my passion. I would like to entertain my friends well although conflict may occur sometimes, i never ignore my friends because thats my manner. I can still find the one i dislike out for lunch or dinner that the strange thing about me, I can still smile with them. Thats y the party or gathering that i organised will never fail. Lastly i can social with my customers pretty well.

And he asks what is your weakness? Forgetful.
Im very forgetful person, I can even forget my parents' birthday or anyone from my family, the most funny thing is i can forget what i hate about my enemy, I can forget how they hurt me before. When i got many things to handle i will be quite forgetful, He asks, so what is the way to overcome your forgetful habit. Oh, i drop down all their wrong doing in my notebook, so i can record what are their bad. when i need to forgive them i would just tear out the paper & burn it in fire.

What have you learnt thru your 9 years working experience? Patient.
Patient. u will not know how patient u are until you put your patient into a test. You wouldn't know how patient u are until u get triggered, You wouldn't know how patient you are until u are living in a tense & stress situation. U wouldn't know your patient limit until u exceed it. I got a lot of demanding customers, angry customer, no manners customer or cancel order customer, all the while they complaint i will still pick up their call, what they request i will still deliver in the fastest way, I will still reply promptly to their email or their message even they are scolding. You just have to be patient for their behavior, eventually we have lose the quarrel but won back the business. We have to be very professional in work, its not about thinking how to revenge on them when opportunity comes, I say every customer is a potential, thats y, be patient with them. Of course many customers are good.

Why are u suitable for this job?
It is because i have the experience. The most important things are I'm willing to contribute & I'm ready to perform.

What motivates you to work?
Money. My most lousiest answer overall the questions. Its very direct & realistic. Not everyone likes this kind of answer.

There are so many brands out there, why should i choose yours?
Yes, this is a very good question. I think there are so many well known brands out there. What i can give is the best services. Even u are selling the best i phone or samsung smart phone in the market, if your service is not good enough who wants to give u a repeat order? For me is not the price or product that u are selling, its about how good is your service. A good service is very very important.

I have gone thru so many interviews, roughly around 10 interviews, and i have failed so many times until i dare not tell my friend, what i have learnt was not scared to being reject anymore. It didnt hold me down honestly, its not how confident i am, all i have to do is stay in strong faith, wait patiently, stay positive by keep seeking for a new opportunity.

I found that it was a bit funny because what i answered was not really related to their job scope. When I think back i will be laughing. I not sure how many people will love the culture that i sell, it depends, some people will like it some people dont. Some people 1st saw your face they've already disliked u n u will definitely out because they wont listen to u anymore, some people see your face they straight away " u are the one". It really very personal preference. So what u have to do is find the right one to buy your idea. Its not about how good is your presentation skill, is about how much they like about u. Its not everyone likes the number 1, some people like number 2, some people like number 5, so even u are ranking number 5 its possible to be chosen. All u have to do is try your best & let god do the rest... The full marks we can get is only 50% the other 50% u have to pray.

They say if u believe in him, why are u so scared?
They say if u believe in him, why are u so unhappy?

Sometime i should feel very scared but i didnt. Sometime i should feel very unhappy by turned down by people but the sadness didnt last for a day. I not a saint but just leave it to the god. Dont teach god to write about the story of your life, but let him writes about the story of your life.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Patient heart

How long I didn't write good review on a movie. Oh dear, This movie makes me do it again hahahaha. This year i have watched so many marvel movies like: Thor, Captain America, Spider man. Surprisingly I personally think that X men days of future past 2014 is the best among all, didnt expect it would be that great. Im not a X-Men's fan, I have watched some of the movies but not all. X-Men also 1 of the movie which grows up with me since teenage, so will give some special bonus on loving it. I didnt read their comic books. Never knew X-Men can be so awesome. I like every X-Men movie's poster. I think the old 1 not that good maybe due to the animation was not matured enough, this round their animation really can give u a jaw drop, the old magneto freeze the metal in pieces was so awesome n paste it on the entrance to avoid the enemies enter. I think everyone loves "Quicksilver" its really a very new & fresh idea, that part was hilarious plus very cool & very style. Although Quicksilver played a small part but it really a special climax part for the movie.

I like the moral values in this movie.
"You have to be patient with me"
"Everyone will do something wrong but it doesn't mean they will wrong for the rest of the time."
I like Charles gives the chances to Raven in stead of straight away break into her mind & control her.
I like the effect they try to stop Raven in turning into an evil.
The unity of the mutant was really amazing.
They waited patiently for Logan to do the job because they got the faint in him.
Logan said patient is my strength, he has to be patient with Charles, Erik & Raven because they are so strong & ego, how to get the 3 of them into 1 heart & stop the world war between human & mutant.
Did i die in the future? Yes, but u can change it. HAHAHAHA


I always dont know how to differentiate home & house until an inspiring man told me a house is empty, it's just a property, it can be sell, it got a price. A home is a family, filled with people, filled with music & sound, filled with warms, filled with love. The 1st step of our life we want to have a house, we have been working so hard to buy this house also a shelter from the storm, to avoid the storm or rain to destroy us. After we had a house we wants to turn this house to be a home. So many times we have forgotten how hard to own this house, we use this home to be our battle field, we use this home to quarrel, we use this home to take drugs, we use this home to have a strange relationship with the strangers. You have to remember how hard u use to fight for living & own this house, why u want to do something so wrong to destroy the atmosphere of this home, y u want to chase the guardian angel away & let the demons penetrate to your shelter, just bear in mind each time u quarrel at home the demons strike into your house & taken the peace away, its not about who wins in the quarrel but its all about the demons had succeeded, eventually we are attacked by the demons & everyone will be wounded. Sometime we really have to lock our door very tight so that no evil can get in just like how we avoid the thieves. Sometime time we really have to make sure each small part of our home is not leaking just to make sure the peace is preserved nicely & fresh.

Something i have learned:
It's not how good is your language but its about how good u can communicate with each other.
It's not how good you were educated but its about how good is your heart, the educated peoples will still hurt u if their heart is not kind enough, all the word delivers from the heart.
Some people say as long as i see something dirty i dont do it, when i hear something rude & harsh i dont speak it, everything will be alright, i can control myself well, i think this is wrong, once u let this thing entered into your mind u will have the tenancy to do it, thats y we say we are losing control.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

And she smiles, all the way she smiles.

I was impressed by this song. Seldom listen to "Daughtry's" song, This song get into my ear & into my mind. Last Tuesday it was a Wesak Day, i went to Karaoke, since i was the 1st one to reach, i chose some of the new songs for singing experiment. This was the the which amazed me the most from the new song list. it makes me feel i was dreaming, i was so hypnotized.

I like the video, its very beautiful & positive. I like the message they delivered in that video: Keep doing the good things no matter how people accuse you or judge you.

I like the lyric was nicely written. No matter how hopeless is the situation, "still, she smiles, all the way she smiles". I think a smile can really bring hope & joy rather than just put on a stinky sour face which makes no peace at all. Sometime even we are tense or worry we just have try our best to smile because a smile can really calm things down. A smile can bring peace. A smile can really tell people that u are doing fine. A smile makes u a positive people. Sometime i do observe did this person smile for the overall session. sometime i do observe myself did i laugh or smile when i hang out with people because i think is some kind of manner. Thats y remember to smile anywhere anyhow.

Oh. By the way Lois Lane didnt wait for superman. She risks her life to seek for superman, that is what we like about Lois, she reaches out to Clark Ken. That is y superman save this woman.

Monday, May 19, 2014


I had a phone interview by a Singaporean HR which was a job interview. That phone interview outcome was really ugly. i felt very angry with the HR because i think she is very arrogant.. I felt she is too accusing to ask do u copy your resume from the internet, is your college recognized? & keep repeating do u know what im asking u still not answering my question. One of a part was i accidentally asked her to "hold on" straight away she lose her temper & say: "do u know it is very rude to ask an interview to hold on, you dont need to check on the internet right now". At that moment i was really very extremely pissed off, but i try my best to bear with it until i end the conversation. After that the career agency text me how was the interview, i answered her your client was so stupid & arrogant.
I think i was so stupid, until the next day i still cannot persuade myself to forgive about this issue. I called to Singapore to look for that HR, i asked her i still cannot understand why it is so rude to ask you to hold on. We have an argument thru the international call. She keeps explaining by saying my tone wasnt so good in the conversation.. Then i asked her do u think the way u talk is very suspicious & accusing, do u know how to respect a people? i told her im just a candidate happened to try this interview, u are not my boss, i didnt owe u a sen.
Actually i do admit i losed my temper as well, i think im going to anger management very soon. at last i told her actually when u are saying people very rude it really hurts people's feeling when that guy doesnt mean to be rude at all.. I insisted "hold on" is not really rude, the word came to my mouth too sudden. I know i have my mistake too.. i didnt manage to answer your questions pretty well, the way i talk is not formal enough, maybe our culture is totally different. In my experience if i can hear a "hold on" i have to praise the lord, some people wont let u know it is a hold on & straight away put u on hold. Or some people pick up phone without saying hello, that is something for u to explore in the future. Rude is really not my style. Im not expecting her to apologise. All i wanna say is you are hurting people's feeling.
Actually im just a guy who is hoping for a better career. Everybody is working for money & for living. I just hope we can respect each other & try to understand each other feeling n need. Express true feeling always soften people's heart. Im not saying im the victory to receive an apology, i just want to let her know the way she asking the candidate was a bit accusing & suspicious. Come on. we are not 1st day to step into this society & this market, if u havent faced a real rude people before i can say that u were lying.

I never tell anyone of this story from my mouth... Man needs some pride sometime... but if we can put our pride down it would be extraordinary. it really needs a lot of courage to tell people that your feeling was being hurt.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Malacca Adventure 2014 May

While waiting in a queue.

Selfie of the night

1 more shot another round by Bailey

Hungry Ghost

The Drunk Ladies

The Best Licker 2014

My favourite

Biggest prawn on the earth. yum yum

Jonker walk


The 4 friends

Mamee's Story

Spanish Guitar

It was a sea 10,000 years ago

For the drunken master

My friend will work in England soon, so we decided to go Malacca for a short trip, a so call "farewell" for my friend. But the real intention deep inside our heart was to eat "satay Celup", the hunger & desire in our heart were just like a hungry wolf. Cant deny, it really taste like heaven, i will feel hungry whenever i think of it. The Chicken rice wasn't that good, it didnt impress me. They say sometime u need a get away holiday to find out who you are, maybe its true, we need holiday to refresh our mind and see something different, we have been doing the same thing over & over again in our daily routine. The trip was very rush, very short, very dangerous(on racing) but a very wonderful trip. Although i will still meet my friend frequently in here, an out of town gathering was really something new & fresh for us. A place which we didnt know the direction, which we dint know what to eat. A place which we can explore together & experience together.. Its very happy to share a moment together & all of us were drinking & talking jokes in a same room. Its pretty enjoy to have a supper together queuing while taking pic & eat together in a same round table. Sometime its hard to do a gathering because nowadays we all have our own circle of friends, we have our own commitment. Even now everyone got their own direction to go the place they wanted to go. Its good that everyone is still moving smoothly. I dont know whether i miss the old time or not, i do know i still always bring out the same old jokes all over again when we are together. The college time was really our foundation, our friendship's foundation, we need this foundation to write the future. Sometime its not how long u know a friend, a relationship can end in a night. What we can do now is to develop some new memory & try to write some new chapter, if we keep stuck in the old chapter our story will be end. That day a friend from my former college which i only studied 4 months over there, he invited me to his wedding night, actually we dint contact or see each other for long time. I felt very appreciated to be invited...... what a friend, im still in the list after so many years, The 4 mothns can last the friendship until the future. its incredible.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Good morning too all the facebook players. Do you see the evolution of the Facebook, Last time we opened the account was to connect back our long lost friend, & now we have already added most of our circle of friend, whether is childhood friends or a friend we just knew by yesterday. Honestly, today when we post status or photos on facebook we just hope that people will click "like", I dont feel this is sick because this is what i said the evolution of the facebook is not adding friend but gaining "like", this social network is rolling & changing. we just hope we can get some "like" from our friends that we knew for years. When u are playing a game u will waste the time to up level & earn more money to buy stronger weapon. But this "like" button had become a competition in the social network, my friends will ask me why u always like her status but not my status. Secondly some friend will tell u my "likes" is more than yours now. I didnt mind what they said because we are in this social network game right now. After years of playing facebook, i felt that hit a "like" its really a support. He/she is my friend i will give a like whether i like it or not, I will click like as long as it is a positive thingy, just to show support. Even now "if i get 10,000 like my father will quit smoking or please give me 10,000 like for fighting the cancer, I know this is not true but this will create encouragement, this is will be a support, this is how we give people energy to fight or to go on firmly. I dont understand some people play facebook they just like the friend or the one he/she doesn't know well, but their friend they will never hit "like", maybe peoples that u dont know well will be cooler? i dont understand u can spend 10,000 dollar to like a handbag but u cannot spend 0 sen to "like" your friend's status. Sometime u wont understand the friend that u knew n added when u talk to her she wont reply u, maybe she got a price tag on their neck, all u can do u purchase them just like what we did in the marker.

Hit a like doesnt cost u a single sen. why it is so difficult to like your friend's work, y it is so difficult to show support to your friend that you've have already known, isnt because of jealousy? or that friend wasnt fame enough? because of this social network competition? isnt your pride is too high? or u dont have the self value to like people thing because some people are very rich on the appearance but very poor in the heart. This message doesnt apply to all of the user but it apply to many users. some people just like to being a silent stalker n so scared to go out to the light, just imagine u are in a world cup match, u prefer to be a player or to be an audience? it not wrong to choose either 1, when u are a player u play it colourfully, when u chose to be an audience, u have to go full force support.

Eventually, Try your best to like people, try your best to accept people's work, try your best to show love rather just keeping quiet.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tiger of Jelutong // A Man To Be

What a devastated news. A car accident has taken the "Tiger of Jelutong" away. This tragedy has flooded the whole internet. I know not much about him but after i read his news, it really touches my heart & i just knew that he used to fight for our country's religion freedom. I feel like i want to express how i felt about him. I think his love to the society is just like a soldier, loyal til he dies. I think his passion as a layer/politician speaks the truth of justice. I think his spirit of fight will never gets tired. It is hard to believe a man sitting on wheel chair still got the force to fight without low self confident or giving up himself, i like the photo that he was speaking under an umbrella when it was raining heavily, The way he insisted the way he is holding on really something to learn. I always thought that a successful man was about driving a Benz or get good result in the exams, In Karpal's young time he was just driving an ordinary motorbike to travel around, it was not cool at all, in the reality no one will gives you a glimpse or listen to u if u were riding a motorbike. Never end never know, Now his journey has ended. Obviously he wins it all, he wins all the glory & respect, he wins people's heart, He has left the fight but he left us the spirit to fight.

Sometime we will think of what man we should be. Fame or a high profiled man, A very rich man or a man who will always be remembered. He is really a very cool man, He got what it takes to win & He wins it with his humbleness. This is how he rolls. This is how they rock, like a rocket. Good bye to the beloved Karpal Singh. He is the man. They call him gentleman from now & forever. Nothing is forever but his contributions to the country will live forever. Sincerely thank you to the son of Malaysia Mr Karpal Singh.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Behind The Scene

Beside drinking we also need to sing everyday with our heart. Last time u may sing in a group. Now u are on your own now. Solo Show.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Home // The Love Story

Last time my best friend told me that his father was admitted to hospital. Because of this incident he drove from KL to Singapore just to show concern, support & care, at that time i know my friend was feeling very complicated maybe he is kind of worry, even though he dint say so but i can feel that he wasn't feeling so beautiful.

Another case, 1 of my best friend's father admitted to hospital. He told me his father was so humble, the son said the bed was a bit dirty but without hesitation the father lie onto the bed, my friend said he felt heart break & very sad. The 2nd day the son revisit the father & realized his father hair was cut so he asked his father who cut it for u, the father still remember to smile & answer my friend did it for me.

Actually i was kind of worry as well because i have seen their father many times before, they are also my elderly, I will have the fear to lose them as well, they are also the man to keep my best friend's life complete. This is how a family rolls. I kinda surprise that my bro which chosen by me normally can tell those very sentimental story. The story of their life really makes the tear drop.

1 day my father received a phone call. he drove very fast to the destination, i have never seen him drove so fast before, at that moment everything was so tense & panic, after a while a call comes in again, after this call my father stop by the road side breakdown & cry, that was the 1st time i saw my old man cries, that was the 1st time i was so close to my father, i tap on his shoulder & consoled him, dad we cant change anything, we have tried our best, the 2 of them were rushing to see his father/grandad for the final chance but they dint make it on time. This story was according to my friend.

Everytime i heard this kind of story the heart will bitter like a wine. I was so scared it will happen to me. Sometime u will very scared because u dint drink enough beers with your dad. Or sometime u think back how many years u dint take photo with your dad. Or how long u didnt sing "season in the sun" together. Whatever happens just keep the faith in u & me & god. & turn the faith & prayer into action.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Red Blessing//Chinese New Year 2014 Horse year

Time passes so fast, We have fulfilled the Chinese New Year beautifully. It is a very big festival for chinese & our lovely country as well. I saw someone researched on "why we need to clean up for Chinese New Year, I saw it from my "blog statistic". Is kind of hilarious to research this on internet, but it's good at least you try to find out the answer. My chinese culture not very strong but we are still practicing the very good teaching from chinese. The reason why we need to clean up the house is because we want to make our house feels brand new, we have to wash the dirt away from our house so that the good luck will come to our house, this is the preparation to welcome a new year, everyone will be very exciting included me, of course u wont be bringing the dust & dirt along with u to enter the brand new year right. I thought i wont have the nervous & excitement before CNY but still the feelings strike me every year, for me i will feel a bit nervous is because i would like to conclude everything properly before we enter to a brand new year. I think every race will wear new clothes for new year right, to make that day special on the other hand is to throw away the bad old thing. Why normally dress code is red & yellow, it is because it brings luck & wealth.

Every year i would like to make sure that i have visited all my favourite friends before we proceed to CNY, just to make sure everyone is doing fine, make an appearance to friends & relatives are very important, just to keep the a good relationship going on. Before Chinese new year was really freaking busy, minor part was about settling the work, major part was about meeting with friends, as you know, CNY is all about gathering because the actual day of CNY everyone will spend with the family. Everyone will go home thats where the heart belongs. The week before CNY you will feel that everyone is off from the work, even you call to other office they will not entertain you. Make money is very very important, take few days leave to spend with family & close friends will be unforgettable, meaningful & happy. I personally feel that make an appearance to people not just respect, it also brings blessing to people, thats why we speak only good word in the CNY time.

I have spent my CNY holiday at my hometown. Life is just like driving in a slow lane when you are in a small town. Life is just like driving in a fast lane when u are living in the big city. Fast life makes people very tense & frustrated but this can tells how good is your patience. The thing which can trigger u, it will also sharpen you. We dont call it love if there is no sacrifice. There will be no breakthru without any struggle. The disadvantage about fast life would be just like u are eating a fast food, it is fast & it can fill up your hunger, but it doesnt have much vitamin in it. Now lets talk about live in a slow lane, i felt like i have more time when im living in a slow lane, when u are in a slow lane it strengthen your observation It gives u enough time to observe what is beautiful & ugly, It gives u enough time to tell what is good & bad. You even can stop by just to adore a very beautiful palm tree or some quiet stars, I can even take this time to look into the place where i grew up with my kindly perusal. Anywhere, god bless our country & bless the 1 who needed to be bless.

I just opened my "Ang Pao"(red pack) today. I was so touched. My best friend specially give me an big Ang Pao which is out of my expectation. Its not just about the amount, it really a big blessing for me, it is so sincere. I know some of u financial is very tight but u guys still insist to give me the best blessing. U have to understand... sometimes when a poor guy can give u 2 dollar which is already bigger than the sky, it is better than a rich man gives u 100 dollar which does not mean anything for them. My colleague purposely bring me a special ang pao as well, really can feel the kindness from them, sometime people try to avoid giving ang pao because their mind set giving is spending money, i think it is so wrong, ang pow doesnt have to be big but the blessing must be delivered in this kind of CNY moment which is also a kick start of a new year, the blessing from the starting point plays a very important role before we go out to fight for a living. I dont know what to say when u open the ang pao ordinary income people gives the same amount like the rich people's ang pow. I was feeling a bit guilty, but maybe it is what i deserve. My parents are retired, they insisted to give me ang pow as a blessing. Big thanks for staying faith in me. I was so impressed & touched. Feel thankful for everyone. One of my best friend brought back some gifts from over sea, I really appreciate the though & effort to give me something. I promise i will be a better man for u guys so look up on me.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

To end the Lunar 2013

It is time again. A time to end the Lunar 2013. Feels kind of nervous because have to make sure everything to well prepared before we close the 2013's file, be make sure every thing is done properly. Of cos not just about work. For my style i would love to visit most of my favourite friends before we get into a chinese new year. The meet up is not some kind of big party but just to make sure they are doing fine. A meet up to show a good friedship. A meet up to greet each other happy chinese new year & gong xi fa cai so i think is really very important. I felt most of my friends have the same thought as well, thats the culture we are sharing. You can send a greeting card or a call away to date them out is even better. Sometime is kind of happy when u are thinking to call a friend but their call comes in faster than my action. Wish Everyone safe journey & gong xi fa cai.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Greeting Card With Love

The cards came in a bit too late. Vivien, Thanks for the beautiful painting, thanks for the blessing, thanks for the effort & sincerity. Thanks for the contribution. I do pray for your confident & ask god to bless u. Regarding the family portrait photo from U.S with love, hahaha. Thank you for remembering my presence on earth. How many years we didnt catch up??? At least more than 5 years. Fong Yen, you have gone so far & started another chapter in life, I feel glad & hope you & baby & family are doing fine over there. I know why u will remember me because i do pray for u, u have received my calling from sky. Anyway new year new hope, Wish everyone is doing well in the coming days, God bless us with peace & joy & prosperity life. time passes so fast. I kinda miss our college life, I think we have left there for 10 years, that was part of our stepping stone, that was where we begin, that was where we know each other, that was where we grow, it used to be our adventure, it used to be our fight, it used to be our dream to graduate together. Now we have our separate way. Aw man, when will be the next gathering huh? Its happy that we still can renew our friendship visa until today. Anyway I should stop here because i still have to rush my figure drawing. Will see you all again.