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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Home // The Love Story

Last time my best friend told me that his father was admitted to hospital. Because of this incident he drove from KL to Singapore just to show concern, support & care, at that time i know my friend was feeling very complicated maybe he is kind of worry, even though he dint say so but i can feel that he wasn't feeling so beautiful.

Another case, 1 of my best friend's father admitted to hospital. He told me his father was so humble, the son said the bed was a bit dirty but without hesitation the father lie onto the bed, my friend said he felt heart break & very sad. The 2nd day the son revisit the father & realized his father hair was cut so he asked his father who cut it for u, the father still remember to smile & answer my friend did it for me.

Actually i was kind of worry as well because i have seen their father many times before, they are also my elderly, I will have the fear to lose them as well, they are also the man to keep my best friend's life complete. This is how a family rolls. I kinda surprise that my bro which chosen by me normally can tell those very sentimental story. The story of their life really makes the tear drop.

1 day my father received a phone call. he drove very fast to the destination, i have never seen him drove so fast before, at that moment everything was so tense & panic, after a while a call comes in again, after this call my father stop by the road side breakdown & cry, that was the 1st time i saw my old man cries, that was the 1st time i was so close to my father, i tap on his shoulder & consoled him, dad we cant change anything, we have tried our best, the 2 of them were rushing to see his father/grandad for the final chance but they dint make it on time. This story was according to my friend.

Everytime i heard this kind of story the heart will bitter like a wine. I was so scared it will happen to me. Sometime u will very scared because u dint drink enough beers with your dad. Or sometime u think back how many years u dint take photo with your dad. Or how long u didnt sing "season in the sun" together. Whatever happens just keep the faith in u & me & god. & turn the faith & prayer into action.

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