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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pray for you

Today when i was driving in my car, the radio is playing B.O.B-nothing on u. After i passed the toll i started to speed my car, then i realized theres a old man car was out of order on the left side, i try to stop my car but its a bit too fast to stop on the other hand there are some big truck at the back so its bit dangerous to make a stop there n reverse to that old man. The old man is waving hand for some help i tried slow down but i didnt make it, the force its a bit hard make a immediate stop.

At last i also dint give a hand for that old man who drive a proton iswara, i was thinking i donno how to fix a car n i dont have jump start to start his car but maybe i can borrow him cellphone to call his helper, after thinking all this i felt that i have missed a chance to do a holy things & feeling a bit difficult. Finally i use my untouchable cellphone which money cannot buy, i use my heart say a prayer, send it to god, i know god will send some guardian from sky above to help this old man.

Thats what i can do.

Enter The Enemy State

31st may 2010, as normal go to sepang LCCT to do my job, at 4.30pm i go to find a customer to have a drink, sometimes i donno what is this customer saying but just try to listen n promote somethings from my company.

b4 we end the teh ice session, he suggest me to go after a customer which he feel is a very potential customer for me, ok, so before i go back on 5.30pm i just drop by there to check it out, knock on a unknown door, go in to intro myself. The g manager know my company background n he know what my company has done to them as well, which is 1 of my colleague has offended them once that is why he stop supporting us , that is what he told me. He even ask me how do i feel about my company, i just answers the other way round but i dint tell him is good. he tell me many things bad about my company make me donno how to respond to him, but he said he is blaming on me, i got no comment too, i just know that i have enter a enemy state

he said what my colleague do is very immoral, i a bit agree too with the case he told me, sometimes is hard to believe a person especially the colleages, cos the truth is they are a drama king.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

dont want to miss a thing

my mom said we should precious the peoples when we get together, tell them things u want to tell or share some happiness that u experienced. dont wait untill the person is sick or almost die then u go hospital to visit him or bury him with the most expensive coffin is also useless.

i think is good to share some jokes, happiness or sadness from the heart with friends & family, if everything also congested inside the heart, our heart will be out of order 1day, the person will start to disorder, after disorder will depression, after that will go into a mental problem zone.

Monday, May 24, 2010

happy ipoh 22nd May 2010

lately i was very stress bout my work, is very hectic n very unhappy, luckily i still got the chance to go ipoh on 22nd n 23th may to attend my best friend brother wedding. on 22nd may after i take my attendance in sunway kim gary, me n kenny n his wife start our journey heading to ipoh, the trip took us 2 hours, on the way we talk a lot about music like aerosmith, mj,celine dion, mariah carey,lee hom, jay chou, owl city, david archulata & some movies that we like n unlike.

we start on 4.30pm & we reached there at 7pm, 1st we go to mun keat house n have my dinner there. then darren comes on 8 sth so we have been drinking carlsberg since 8pm, 10.45pm then ah ching, ah xiang & xiao chen arrived. all of us jokes until 12.30 we shift our plan to BAR CLUB in ipoh, ipoh club is quite small but the place is not bad, but i burst my camera screen inside the club, i donno how i burst it.

mun keat go to approach a tall girl on our next table, but the talk girl just reply to her" bye bye i gotta go.. HAHAHAHAHA

the foto of the night

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Forever young

Everyday im in LCCT cargo complex nowadays, met different kind of races everyday, is hard to communicate in malay because my malay is too distinction. To open up an conversation 1st they will ask: how old am i, are u just completed your study? Today even more interesting, an indian ask me am i a china guy, i said im selling china product but im not a china man, n then we continue some more, he ask me where's my hometown, i said Sabah, he said: are u a Kadazan? oh man,i can drink like a kadazan but im a malaysian chinese. He ask me why dont u work as model, i reply: i would love to but no 1 want to hire me as model, thats bad hahahhahaha im just a model who walk under the hot sun or rainy days which sweat no matter hot or cold. He start to ask whats my age, i ask him to guess, the most surprising thing is he thought i am younger than him which he is only a 24 years old man, but i thought he is 25 to 28, what a shame i gave a wrong answers with such a huge range. Its happy to stay young but now everyday under the hot sun i think i will old like pierce brosnan soon, shit. Sometimes when u praise too much by peoples u will worry 1day peoples no longer praising that u are young, that humanity, then end up i have to inject botoxxx from head to the toe. My manager said im look like korean, i also dunno what i am, im the iron man.

Eventually, i remember my friend throw me a word by saying: "you also will not grow old", she was telling me this purposely n it makes me wonder why did she say so, do she think it was a wasting time with a guy who will not grow mature? Its alright, things are out of my hand, maybe is just her point of view. Anyway hope everyone is doing fine, stay healthy, looks fine and always be happy because happy is the key to be young.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do u believe in love - Craig David (The Story Goes) album 2005

The time i have broke up with my ex gf, everything is so fine, i dont feel sad, i dont feel lonely, everything is covered with so fine, i am the toughest man in the world, 1 day when i was driving in my car, im on the way to find my friend on a LDP road heading to Kelana Jaya, i was listening to my flavout CD which is Craig David, when it goes to the track: "Do You Believe In love", i just can't stand n my tears start to drop out from my eye, becos i know every single word of that song until i can really touch that melody with my hand. the lyrics is: do u believe in love? n the promise that it brings, you'll never grow apart,well thats what u said to me. why do u have to go? we were inseparable, u n me will always be together for eternity.

Those were the mother's day

I still remember when i was a small boy i always design my own mother's day card or design a card for my mom's birthday. how come i got no more idea to design a card for my mom anymore, i always like the card i used to design, it's simple, there no need idea, theres no need concept, i think that is the most sincere card that i ever made, what idea what concept all are shit, it just complicated my mind, the most precious mother's day card is i have put my heart in it.

i remember one of my card is a house, i donno why it is a house, now i grown then i understand why it is a house, house is the shelter where we share the sweet or bitter moment, it also where a place our heart unite & reunite again n again till we die.

i thought i have gone through this stupid complicated society i will become wiser but the most saddest thing is i have forgot the most simple things & the most basic things in life... how sad.

Friday, May 7, 2010

3D movie effected Patrick

i donno y, after the 3D movie effect released in the cinema the 1st roll is always sold out, which is the roll underneath the big screen, but the up there 1 is no longer filled, it was always filled guys, 1 day i go to ask my fren Patrick, hey Patrick, what is the benefit of sitting in the front row n with the red+green glasses on, Patrick replied: Ivan, this is not just a movie it is a 3D movie, so when Jessica L Bra come out from the big screen with the jeans skirt on that moment, immediately i will look up from the bottom with my super red+green glasses, Ivan replied: OH MAN...... SHIT...... I should have knew this earlier man, i missed the story behind the jeans skirt n the part which i can feel the embossness, Patrick says: this is why u never understand the story behind.