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Friday, May 7, 2010

3D movie effected Patrick

i donno y, after the 3D movie effect released in the cinema the 1st roll is always sold out, which is the roll underneath the big screen, but the up there 1 is no longer filled, it was always filled guys, 1 day i go to ask my fren Patrick, hey Patrick, what is the benefit of sitting in the front row n with the red+green glasses on, Patrick replied: Ivan, this is not just a movie it is a 3D movie, so when Jessica L Bra come out from the big screen with the jeans skirt on that moment, immediately i will look up from the bottom with my super red+green glasses, Ivan replied: OH MAN...... SHIT...... I should have knew this earlier man, i missed the story behind the jeans skirt n the part which i can feel the embossness, Patrick says: this is why u never understand the story behind.

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