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Monday, May 10, 2010

Do u believe in love - Craig David (The Story Goes) album 2005

The time i have broke up with my ex gf, everything is so fine, i dont feel sad, i dont feel lonely, everything is covered with so fine, i am the toughest man in the world, 1 day when i was driving in my car, im on the way to find my friend on a LDP road heading to Kelana Jaya, i was listening to my flavout CD which is Craig David, when it goes to the track: "Do You Believe In love", i just can't stand n my tears start to drop out from my eye, becos i know every single word of that song until i can really touch that melody with my hand. the lyrics is: do u believe in love? n the promise that it brings, you'll never grow apart,well thats what u said to me. why do u have to go? we were inseparable, u n me will always be together for eternity.

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