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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pray for you

Today when i was driving in my car, the radio is playing B.O.B-nothing on u. After i passed the toll i started to speed my car, then i realized theres a old man car was out of order on the left side, i try to stop my car but its a bit too fast to stop on the other hand there are some big truck at the back so its bit dangerous to make a stop there n reverse to that old man. The old man is waving hand for some help i tried slow down but i didnt make it, the force its a bit hard make a immediate stop.

At last i also dint give a hand for that old man who drive a proton iswara, i was thinking i donno how to fix a car n i dont have jump start to start his car but maybe i can borrow him cellphone to call his helper, after thinking all this i felt that i have missed a chance to do a holy things & feeling a bit difficult. Finally i use my untouchable cellphone which money cannot buy, i use my heart say a prayer, send it to god, i know god will send some guardian from sky above to help this old man.

Thats what i can do.

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