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Monday, May 10, 2010

Those were the mother's day

I still remember when i was a small boy i always design my own mother's day card or design a card for my mom's birthday. how come i got no more idea to design a card for my mom anymore, i always like the card i used to design, it's simple, there no need idea, theres no need concept, i think that is the most sincere card that i ever made, what idea what concept all are shit, it just complicated my mind, the most precious mother's day card is i have put my heart in it.

i remember one of my card is a house, i donno why it is a house, now i grown then i understand why it is a house, house is the shelter where we share the sweet or bitter moment, it also where a place our heart unite & reunite again n again till we die.

i thought i have gone through this stupid complicated society i will become wiser but the most saddest thing is i have forgot the most simple things & the most basic things in life... how sad.

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