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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Forever young

Everyday im in LCCT cargo complex nowadays, met different kind of races everyday, is hard to communicate in malay because my malay is too distinction. To open up an conversation 1st they will ask: how old am i, are u just completed your study? Today even more interesting, an indian ask me am i a china guy, i said im selling china product but im not a china man, n then we continue some more, he ask me where's my hometown, i said Sabah, he said: are u a Kadazan? oh man,i can drink like a kadazan but im a malaysian chinese. He ask me why dont u work as model, i reply: i would love to but no 1 want to hire me as model, thats bad hahahhahaha im just a model who walk under the hot sun or rainy days which sweat no matter hot or cold. He start to ask whats my age, i ask him to guess, the most surprising thing is he thought i am younger than him which he is only a 24 years old man, but i thought he is 25 to 28, what a shame i gave a wrong answers with such a huge range. Its happy to stay young but now everyday under the hot sun i think i will old like pierce brosnan soon, shit. Sometimes when u praise too much by peoples u will worry 1day peoples no longer praising that u are young, that humanity, then end up i have to inject botoxxx from head to the toe. My manager said im look like korean, i also dunno what i am, im the iron man.

Eventually, i remember my friend throw me a word by saying: "you also will not grow old", she was telling me this purposely n it makes me wonder why did she say so, do she think it was a wasting time with a guy who will not grow mature? Its alright, things are out of my hand, maybe is just her point of view. Anyway hope everyone is doing fine, stay healthy, looks fine and always be happy because happy is the key to be young.

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