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Monday, May 31, 2010

Enter The Enemy State

31st may 2010, as normal go to sepang LCCT to do my job, at 4.30pm i go to find a customer to have a drink, sometimes i donno what is this customer saying but just try to listen n promote somethings from my company.

b4 we end the teh ice session, he suggest me to go after a customer which he feel is a very potential customer for me, ok, so before i go back on 5.30pm i just drop by there to check it out, knock on a unknown door, go in to intro myself. The g manager know my company background n he know what my company has done to them as well, which is 1 of my colleague has offended them once that is why he stop supporting us , that is what he told me. He even ask me how do i feel about my company, i just answers the other way round but i dint tell him is good. he tell me many things bad about my company make me donno how to respond to him, but he said he is blaming on me, i got no comment too, i just know that i have enter a enemy state

he said what my colleague do is very immoral, i a bit agree too with the case he told me, sometimes is hard to believe a person especially the colleages, cos the truth is they are a drama king.

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