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Monday, May 24, 2010

happy ipoh 22nd May 2010

lately i was very stress bout my work, is very hectic n very unhappy, luckily i still got the chance to go ipoh on 22nd n 23th may to attend my best friend brother wedding. on 22nd may after i take my attendance in sunway kim gary, me n kenny n his wife start our journey heading to ipoh, the trip took us 2 hours, on the way we talk a lot about music like aerosmith, mj,celine dion, mariah carey,lee hom, jay chou, owl city, david archulata & some movies that we like n unlike.

we start on 4.30pm & we reached there at 7pm, 1st we go to mun keat house n have my dinner there. then darren comes on 8 sth so we have been drinking carlsberg since 8pm, 10.45pm then ah ching, ah xiang & xiao chen arrived. all of us jokes until 12.30 we shift our plan to BAR CLUB in ipoh, ipoh club is quite small but the place is not bad, but i burst my camera screen inside the club, i donno how i burst it.

mun keat go to approach a tall girl on our next table, but the talk girl just reply to her" bye bye i gotta go.. HAHAHAHAHA

the foto of the night

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