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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I dont give u a LV future but i can make u smile

Sometimes i just dont understand, the city ppl rather spend a thousand dollar to buy a LV but they dont willing to spend few hundreds to buy a healthy food, i really live with doubt isnt with a LV hanging on our body we will be healthier or feeling more secure? The even worst thing is i told my best friend not to feel insecure when he is feeling insecure, i said: u are already wearing a Emporio Armani watch on your hand, what for u still want to feeling insecure?

im the kind of person who love to wear brainless(branded) but very sad, i dont have LV so i am not healthy & i am very insecure, i'm the kind of person who like to make jokes who like to make ppl laugh, sometimes i will observe do they smile or laugh after i told the jokes, but what i got the respond is they normally dont laught out loud.

Eventually, i think my friends like to laugh bout my personality n what i have acted in some crazy situation, so i hope whenever they think of my me they will hide somewhere corner & laugh it out loud by him himself or her herself. fin

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