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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The rain writes the tragedy 18/04/2010 - Episode 1

Saturday once again, i was calling this & calling that see whether any party going on or not, but all my friends were busy with their own business, so at the end i got no choice i gotta stay home. Usually at home i will log into the MSN world & Facebook world, but they are out of reach that night cos the stormy weather has destroy my internet world. i become the DJ of my own, i play some dance hits to ballad music b4 i end my night.

I fall a sleep at 1am but it just like after a nap, my cell phone keep singing billie jean 4 time in a row which i dont even know my cell phone is calling me, i go to answer my cell phone then i realized it was already 4 missed call, i thought it must be something serious but when i answer the call then i realize is my world best friend "mun Keat" call on me which is already super hype, so surprisingly i dint hang his phone n just start talking in some jokes in the conversation, i told him it was raining cat & dog so i ain't not going out anymore, it's remind me sunday morning rain is faliing on 3am isn't a good timing cos it will be a lot of drunker driving out there with the slippery road. After i put down my phone , another song come again which is the "New York", i felt strange to hear that at this hour, i pick up the phone, it is my elder sister calling, she sounds normal, she told me my youngest sister had an accident which is a serious 1, i straight away get shock n feeling very insecure, then my sister call me when i was in the conversation with my elder sis, then i call her back, the word haven't speak shes already crying, i can hear
& i can feel the situation was very mess up and terrible, its is a scary tragedy, i told her to stay calm n talk to me slow.

After put down the phone i start to call Mun Keat & Ah Ching ( a guy who live in selayang) but no 1 was answered. I was very worry so i send my message to god which is free, & i continue to call again, finally Mun Keat pick up my call. I tell him whats going on & i need him to lead me to selayang hospital immediately. On the way i was feeling very insecure untill my leg want to shiver, i asked vivien to accompany me as well. If i go alone i will be panic like a crazy child which will make the situation even worst, so b4 i left my house i have chosen a plan white T on this kind on situation so that i can more look like a doctor, cos white color always give peace, friendly n secure to peoples.

When i reached Selayang hospital its already 4.30am, i can see a lot of toll men is very busy spreading their name card. I saw my sister's friends are very worry, n their clothes got a lot of blood stain which is a bit scary. I just try to be steady & my best to help them cos i was called guardian on the night.. i never knew i was a guardian. I did see the girl but nothing much can see cos everything is covered by white clothes, i even scolded the strangers who go near her.

What i found out in government hospital was, they are pretty steady, steady is slow & steady. A female doctor even worst who looks like jessica L BRA, she just concern to gossip hows the accident happen, when we ask her about the situation she just throw us a good presentation which make me think she should go to sell insurance, but for a role of a doctor, her word speak louder than action. I like her presentation becos its confident enough & shes the most pretty girl inside the hospital, u know what, she s the only doctor girl in there, thats y shes always number 1.

Its about 6am, the patient's relatives has come. I suggest to shift the girl to private hospital but they insist to use back government hospital cos everything is halfway under progress, but the way they progress is the 10 year ago TM NET Speed(4 sec a beat) an andante in piano.

to be continue again...

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