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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning is just a normal working day, but my friend had sent me a sms in the middle on the night which is 3am something, after reached the office then i got the time to read through the sms, which is a sms from Ah ping my old fren but we seldom meet, she likes to send me sms which is very positive, always remind me to appreciate all the time or remember to smile every minutes,she likes to send me i the middle of the night maybe i am the 1 she think b4 she goes into sleep. after read the sms i decided to sent to some of my chinese friends cos it is a chinese sms, i also want to remind them to smile always, but only 2 of my friends reply which is my fren-ar jun, he is feeling glad that i send him this kind of encourage sms, cos i know him seems like a bit stress lately, i can feel it, is in the air, although i dont see him for long time but i still try my best to sms. hahahahhaha

eventually, most of them donno the sms from me cos i use my office provided number to send them.

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