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Saturday, April 24, 2010

blamer kill blames

Everyday i hear people complain about u, it makes me start to fed up about u, the things u did, the way u react its just making the distances bigger between us, & the bad things start to covered up all your good things, the memories in my mind about u had been polluted so bad, my mind placed u in the bad impression category.

But somethings suddenly comes to my mind, i remember there was a time when my ear was swollen n bleeding cos i was hit by some one, but u are there for me & u help me to apply the medicine, which is quite touching this i really cannot forget. Is not that u dint pay afford, just that some people donno how to appreciate.

sometimes it hurts myself by blaming on others, no matter how bad is a people they must have do somethings right, i think the reason i blame is becos i was too depending on u. fin

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