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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The rain writes the tragedy 18/04/2010 - Ending

Its the 1st time i saw the Selayang dawn but it wasnt interesting at all, 8:30am my sister & friends are ready to do the police report in kepong police station, i went home to sleep after helping in the police report, when reached home is 10am then i got the chance to sleep.

As a conclusion, i pray for the injured girl, god bless her & she will be loved in the future. I was very devastating with this incident, this girl still so young & innocent who will still got a lot of happy, bright mesmerize future in the coming days, but the tragedy has destroy part of it. Tragedy always change a people's life. Whatever happen, just leave it to god. i still remember when i was a small boy i used to saw this girl swimming happily with her family, after all this happened i hope n i wish she still can swim like what she did b4. No matter how grey it is, just keep the faith in the heart, its gonna be somewhere over the rainbow. pray for u & u will be stronger.

I also want to thank Vivien D & Mun keat for the helping hand for the whole night untill morning. Thanks Being there for me when i was feeling nervous & insecure.

Everything is so right time, the incident happen the time is exactly the time mun keat call & waked me up, maybe is the calling from god,he has chosen me to be the guardian for them, i think this is a gods view, maybe he wanted me to be there.

i really cannot forget the crying voice on the phone, its still sound very very clear on my mind. fin


  1. hey, anytime man...i think mun kiat helped out more la...he seem to know more stuffs hahah. i am just the 'ker leh feh' standing behind only...next time if got the guardian movie 2, i'll recommend you to be the lead role hahaha.

  2. yeah, i would choose my white t to cast that movie hahaha.. mun keat actually donno pretent know, thats y i like to bring him to entertain the toll man n police.. hes the number 1 chosen 1