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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Have Yourself A Peaceful Christmas

Some people say we are chasing the time. Ken said we are racing with time. Some say 1 year older 1 year wiser. But 1 thing for sure: you will feel the time is running faster when you are getting older. For us we got no choice we hope the time can go faster so that we can get the salary end of the month faster, that's life.

December is moving like the speed of light. They say Dec is the most beautiful time in the year, many people are anticipating for this month to come, they say this is a month for holiday, some say this is a month to enjoy. Some say this is a month to gather with the close friends & family. Everyone will feel a bit different because the impact of December.

For I personally feel that this month is very meaningful its because at 1st we step into the name of Hope, n then Love, n the week of Joy & into the name of Peace, we are walking thru each week meaningfully & lastly we step into the name of Christmas day & the Christ was born. This is also a time for us to renew of passport of faith so that we can move on without hole leaking. In the week of Love, I was very happy because we got the chance to sing our hymns our Christmas songs in a shopping mall, We sing it not in my way, not your way, not his way but in god's way that's why it was very best & they called it beautiful. We got the chance to spread the good news that's what they always saying in the church.

The Journey to Christmas was really long, the journey to wrap up the 2014 was really gain yourself a lot of life experience, Just like life on a high way which I had written before. The due date will be 25th of Dec, you are on the way to see the new born baby, even its raining heavily you just have to drive very fast to reach the stable before its too late. you have to risk your life to over take others because life without risk will be very dim & boring will be no achieving as well, your car may break down when you are sick just like F1 halfway changing tyres, you need to recover fast & boost back to the track, in the high way u may come to a lot of unknown circumstances' junction or choices, you are allowed to go wrong by turning in but don't forget that's always an u turn to get back to the right track that's y they said back for good, U may slip because of the raining water or even being banged by another car, u will have to carry these scar & phobia on your way but you got to know, nothing can stop you. The problem is not about number 1 or number last, its about did u finish the track eventually.

It is time again to conclude the 2014, I have very few of post in 2014 due to I used my time to rest instead of writing, thats why the productions are very limited. Dont want to say I'm very busy because busyness make us blind, in the end you will find yourself neglected many people. A lot of people will feel better to let people know that they are very occupied & busy, sometime I really don't understand whats the meaning behind of doing that. Why we have to live in someone else's life? Why we have to worry how people feel about us?

Some good questions in 2014
what you have been doing? (asked by a long time no see friend)
I answered: I've been busy drinking in a bar, talking with friend to find out some inspiration & idea, basically what I've written are the ideas which I got daily from the people I met.

I told a mid age friend money is not everything, he said what about use the money to do charity?
I replied I would prefer your presence, I would prefer your work & action, I would prefer you to come every week for support instead of just paying money. We may think the man was very kind because he donated a big money but we never knew he's a thieve in the daily job. That's why I'm here every week to support, here to sing, although I made a lot of mistakes in the songs, in a team we will never failed.

Something to learn in 2014
Mr Dictionary. Please define people who love mighty & power. Answer: people who destroy & they are people in fear.
Don't tolerate him/her but respect her/him.
Its not about your success its about how you handle your failure.

Something different about this Christmas.
I play a part in the choir for Christmas mass

A friend said another year has gone without doing anything right, but at least we still in the game still in the track we still get to see each other sometime, our family not doing the best but doing fine, we still very safe & peace, these have already very blessed & more than an achievement.

Oh. By the way. Forgot to tell you why drove so fast to the stable, beside visiting the new born baby we also receive the peace from Jesus thats why we call it a season of advent. Wish everyone a very blessed & very merry Christmas. God bless those who are in the flood at East Coast. May the peace be with u & spread the good news.

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