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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Malacca Adventure 2014 May

While waiting in a queue.

Selfie of the night

1 more shot another round by Bailey

Hungry Ghost

The Drunk Ladies

The Best Licker 2014

My favourite

Biggest prawn on the earth. yum yum

Jonker walk


The 4 friends

Mamee's Story

Spanish Guitar

It was a sea 10,000 years ago

For the drunken master

My friend will work in England soon, so we decided to go Malacca for a short trip, a so call "farewell" for my friend. But the real intention deep inside our heart was to eat "satay Celup", the hunger & desire in our heart were just like a hungry wolf. Cant deny, it really taste like heaven, i will feel hungry whenever i think of it. The Chicken rice wasn't that good, it didnt impress me. They say sometime u need a get away holiday to find out who you are, maybe its true, we need holiday to refresh our mind and see something different, we have been doing the same thing over & over again in our daily routine. The trip was very rush, very short, very dangerous(on racing) but a very wonderful trip. Although i will still meet my friend frequently in here, an out of town gathering was really something new & fresh for us. A place which we didnt know the direction, which we dint know what to eat. A place which we can explore together & experience together.. Its very happy to share a moment together & all of us were drinking & talking jokes in a same room. Its pretty enjoy to have a supper together queuing while taking pic & eat together in a same round table. Sometime its hard to do a gathering because nowadays we all have our own circle of friends, we have our own commitment. Even now everyone got their own direction to go the place they wanted to go. Its good that everyone is still moving smoothly. I dont know whether i miss the old time or not, i do know i still always bring out the same old jokes all over again when we are together. The college time was really our foundation, our friendship's foundation, we need this foundation to write the future. Sometime its not how long u know a friend, a relationship can end in a night. What we can do now is to develop some new memory & try to write some new chapter, if we keep stuck in the old chapter our story will be end. That day a friend from my former college which i only studied 4 months over there, he invited me to his wedding night, actually we dint contact or see each other for long time. I felt very appreciated to be invited...... what a friend, im still in the list after so many years, The 4 mothns can last the friendship until the future. its incredible.

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